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Praise for Our Luxurious Expeditions,
Adventure-Filled Trips, and Attentive Staff

“Well-balanced schedule for evaluating investment opportunities, viewing properties, meeting established residents, and sampling the night life.   The tour directors were vivacious, well-organized, and delightful traveling companions.”

– A. DeMar, Grand Rapids, MI

“The tour gave us a look at the country we never would have seen on our own… an excellent, first-class, and well-run tour.”

— E. Beaver, Apalachicola, FL

"An incredible amount of talent and resources brought together to present and make themselves available. Just a fabulous time... with contacts that would have taken years to accumulate."

— K. Stowell, Washington, DC

  “It is not often nowadays when you feel you get your money's worth, but I truly felt that way and would love to do another tour.”

— M. Rogers, Baltimore, MD

"Very good use of time and other resources to give the most information and contacts.   The format of the tour was very efficient, the operators super... I would recommend this without hesitation.

— V. Alexander, Wilmington, DE

"Loved it! It was just the right mix of real estate and tourist activities... a great tour for people who aren't sure about taking tours."

— N. Williams, Calgary, Alberta

"Excellent! Quite rewarding, delightful... met very interesting, diverse, and globally-minded people."

—A. Collin, Port St Lucie, FL

"We spend an inordinate amount of time snapping photographs of each other... desperately trying to capture the feelings we have at this moment and hopefully carry the warmth back to our respective homes. It will be nearly impossible to express how wonderful this journey has been..."

— B. Thompson

"I've traveled all over the world with many different travel groups. Your attention to detail is the best. Congratulations."

— J. Meili


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