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Join Opportunity Travel for an Unforgettable 13-Day Expedition to Argentina, One of the Most Promising Emerging Markets in the World Today!

Leave the winter cold behind, travel in comfort and style as we explore culture-rich Argentina and its exciting lifestyle & investment opportunities…

The “New Argentina” is Open for Business

There’s never been a better time to experience this vast country known for its wealth of offerings… like tango… fútbol… gauchos… juicy, mouthwatering steaks… some of the world’s finest wines and restaurants… the Andes… Patagonia…

Plus, add to all that a distinctive take on literature, cinema, music and the arts…

And you end up with a rich, vibrant culture – part Latin American and part European – which you can’t help but fall in love with.

It’s no wonder we’ve been bringing insightful investors and fellow travelers here for more than 20 years!

So why am I calling it the “New” Argentina?

Last year, with President Mauricio Macri at the helm, a new anti-corruption, pro-business government swept into power bringing hope that Argentina would once again be the preferred destination in South America for both investment and tourism.

Since November of 2015, the Macri government has been busy clearing away the mess of the Kirchner regimes and eliminating governmental regulations that were crippling industry and enterprise throughout the country.

President Mauricio Macri
Declares Country Open for Business

Argentina’s president, Mauricio Macri, opened a three-day conference in Buenos Aires for top global CEOs and investors – effectively declaring that Argentina is once again open for business.

Just one year ago, prior to Macri’s election, the prospect of such a gathering would have been unthinkable; the world’s political and financial elites would have scoffed at the notion of investing in a country that was not only facing severe economic challenges, but also had no apparent roadmap for turning things around.

In his opening remarks, Macri acknowledged that “we can’t change everything in a day or in a year or during one presidency; what’s important is that we’ve started going in the right direction.” The willingness of the global community to even listen to the new president’s pitch is a very big deal.

According to a recent survey by the country’s central bank, economists expect inflation to be halved in 2017, with GDP rising 3.2% next year after falling 1.5% this year. The World Bank’s Global Economic Prospects concurs, predicting that the recession will end in 2016 and capital inflows will strengthen through 2017.

If Macri stands firm and shows the courage to risk political capital for the long-term good, Argentina could finally be on the verge of a true and lasting recovery.

—Fortune, September 2016

According to our good friend Karim Rahemtulla, Contributing Editor of The Non-Dollar Report and author of Where in the World Should I Invest? … a recovery in Argentina is far from a sure thing, but it represents an excellent speculation on a large economy that crashed for political reasons and economic mismanagement as opposed to solely financial issues.

He should know. Karim is a sought-after expert who’s traveled throughout the world in search of global investment opportunities for more than two decades.

“To be sure,” he says, “we’re in very early stages, but the signs of recovery are unmistakable.”

Shrewd investors know that the best time to make a move is after the worst is over but before the recovery has begun in earnest.

Our finance guru, David Galland – partner in Garret/Galland Research and Managing Editor of Compelling Investments Quantified and The Passing Parade – agrees. He has an excellent vantage point as a business owner himself and resident of Argentina.

“There is still quite a ways to go, but the real money to be made in these sorts of turnaround situations is made by those willing to move in just a bit ahead of the crowd.

“The MERVAL, [MERcado de VALores, literally Stock Market], is up just shy of 50% year to date, but with inflation falling rapidly and money starting to return to the country, the big opportunities are probably still ahead.”

David and his family live in Cafayate, in Salta Province. You’ll have a chance to meet him and we’ll checkout his latest venture, at Bad Brothers Wine Experience – the town’s newest wine bar and restaurant.

Among the wines featured at
Bad Brothers Wine Experience…

… is Sunal, winemaker Agustín Lanus’ extreme altitude wine made from grapes harvested at some of the highest vineyards in the world. Grapes grown at extreme altitudes take up to two additional months to ripen, resulting in concentrated flavors and powerful tannins.

A leading South American winemaker has called Sunal, “one of the finest Malbecs I have ever tasted.” 

Throughout the program, we’ll introduce you to our excellent contacts that we’ve made over nearly two decades of traveling to this region.

You’ll get to know our associate and “boots on the ground” expert, Steve Rosberg, founder and managing partner of Ushay Investments. He’ll share his insider’s view of choice real estate for investment, part-time, or permanent residence… and together we’ll explore timber, natural resources and agriculture opportunities.

“Investing in Argentina today is a reasonable move to what should become a high growth and gradually more open economy coming out of depressed valuations in assets.”

And Steve points out that we should be very serious in focusing on real asset investments. Real estate for revenue and farmland, of course… but also investments in new infrastructure and energy, especially renewables which he predicts will get a big boost in coming years.

“With real assets, if you have a profit and take it out, you still have the asset, whether the price rises or falls. With monetary assets, you always have some inflation – more often than not higher than advertised – that is eating into those profits without you knowing it.”

“For those who want hands-on involvement, there are wide-ranging opportunities to team up in areas where expertise and access to capital can add a lot of value to a local company – and be very profitable for all involved.”

During this trip, you’ll have plenty of chances to chat with Steve and get answers to your questions about living and investing in Argentina.

And, we’ll also introduce you to another of our invaluable key contacts – South America’s best known wine expert and sommelier – Andres Rosberg.

Meet our Friends, the Rosbergs…

Since 2003, Steve Rosberg has been Managing Partner of Ushay – an investment management company that operates in Argentina and Uruguay with a focus on forestry, vineyards, construction and real estate.

Steve has held top management functions at banks in Argentina, Grand Cayman, and Ecuador, and he’s worked with both individuals and corporations as an international financial consultant.

His extensive global experience in financial systemic crises, country default situations and inflationary environments has schooled him in crisis management – and directed his focus to businesses in real producing assets as the most reliable and the safest way to long-term capital growth.

Steve is an Economist and a graduate of UCA in Buenos Aires plus post-graduate studies in Forestry Related Business Management. He’s also a popular speaker at seminars on financial risk management, international business and direct investment.

Andres Rosberg is one if of Argentina’s first professional sommeliers and president and co-founder of the Pan American Sommelier Alliance, a role which this year placed him at the helm of the organization for the World’s Best Sommelier competition held in Mendozaa.

A “Certified Sommelier” by the Court of Master Sommeliers, Andrés is on tasting panels for wine guides and competitions all around the world, and a celebrity in Argentina’s local wine scene. His wine selection in Villa Hípica restaurant was repeatedly chosen as the country’s best and was the first to win a Wine Spectator “Award of Excellence” in Latin America.

Andrés is the Executive Sommelier of the praised UCO Restaurant in the Buenos Aires Hotel Fierro and the managing director of the Los Arbolitos Vineyard Trust, a 1,000 acre estate in the heart of the Uco Valley – a top-end vineyard and real estate project.

We’ll put our feet down in markets where real estate can be fun… and profitable.

You’ll learn about attractive, upscale lifestyles in one of the world’s greatest wine regions – an area reminiscent of Napa Valley 30-40 years ago.

We’ll visit vibrant communities in beautiful vineyard environments with stunning scenery and sunny, warm weather year around…

  • Where you can enjoy country life and luxury… in a custom home, built to your specifications…
  •  Where you can participate in winemaking at whatever level you choose – from picking premium grapes to making your own private label wines…
  • With all the expertise and resources you need right at hand.

And, you’ll get the chance to rub shoulders with the friendly folks at La Estancia de Cafayate… a masterpiece development started by Doug Casey of Casey Research, and his team.

Once you see it, you’ll understand why, of all the places in the world Doug could have built his vision of a freedom lover’s paradise, he and his partners chose a remote pueblo in Argentina.

"Look, every country in the world has its problems, but from the point of view of living there, Argentina actually has fewer of them. In addition, from a cultural point of view, it’s one of the most desirable places in the world."
Doug Casey

Plus, there’s so much to do in these places we’ll be visiting… golf, horses, polo, rafting, mountain biking, trekking, skiing, fly fishing… and you’ll find a bounty of cultural activities too.

The best part – it’s all very affordable.

A comparison in the first month of 2017 shows that the cost of living in Buenos Aires, Argentina is 51% less than in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in the U.S.

Even though this is an investment-focused expedition, I promise, it won’t be all work and no play.

Rest assured that we’ll indulge in the unique pleasures of travel this part of the world offers… all in fun-loving company with like-minded travelers who appreciate the “Good Life.”

We’ll eat extraordinarily well…

  • For starters, imagine succulent steak asado straight from the grill…
  • Asado is considered an art form, an integral part of the Argentine identity. It’s not just the method of cooking meat. Every chef has his personal secrets, whether it’s the temperature of the fire, the type of wood, or how many minutes pass before turning the meat.
  • Keep your appetite handy for this amazing culinary adventure that includes some of South America’s best-known chefs preparing typical and Argentine-inspired meals.
  • We’ll dine in romantic settings at wineries that range from small, family-owned and cozy… to large production modern architectural masterpieces.

You’ll taste and savor world-class wines at lovely, scenic vineyards with Argentina’s premier sommelier… we’ll sample barrel tasting and blending… and you’ll expand your appreciation of wine as you learn its history in this region.

My first visit to Cafayate was on a wine tour with Andrés Rosberg, co-founder and president of Pan American Sommelier Alliance.

It was during this trip that I discovered the award-winning Torrontés, a distinctive and emblematic white wine that’s only produced in Argentina, and in fact, responsible for putting Cafayate on the map. 

Visiting family-run wineries here is an unforgettable experience.

We were greeted so warmly by the owners at Bodega El Esteco, Bodega Laborum, Domingo Hermanos and Yacochuya – they all made us feel like we were members of their families.

At Yacochuya, where Andrés worked during his sommelier training, they even invited us to lunch in their family home… an incredible spread complete with products from their farm.

And much like these friendly wineries, the inhabitants of this region are genuinely warm and welcoming – they have a deep sense of family and community, and respect for tradition.

It’s one of the reasons people are drawn to this area.  —BP

You’ll stay in our favorite hotels and travel in style… from wonderful, exciting, vibrant Buenos Aires… to charming Cafayate among the vineyards… to the incredible Mendoza wine region…

At a first-class show in Buenos Aires, you’ll see the tango as it’s meant to be danced… and understand why some people become addicted – and spend a lifetime perfecting this sensual dance.

We’ll experience the beauty and wonder of the stunning Iguazu Falls, established as a World Heritage site in 1984. Here you can appreciate the unleashed power of Mother Nature firsthand… where over 1,000 separate cascades fall off a massive escarpment, over a mile long and 260 feet high…

And if you like, there will be leisure time to shop and relax, take a siesta or treat yourself to the amenities offered at our hotels or nearby.

There’s more to this tour than you can imagine…

As you’ll see in the Day-to-Day Schedule below, this is truly an exclusive adventure.

We’ve taken care of every detail so that you have nothing to worry about… and we’re certain you’ll be pleased with our unique brand of personalized service.

Not only will this trip will allow you to see much more than you could on your own… you’ll have the invaluable bonus of networking with our contacts on the ground.

You’ll find Argentina incredibly diverse – with a wealth of cultures and climates to sample.

We’ll head up into Salta Province through spectacular landscape, to Cafayate where it’s desert-like and sunny. Time moves slowly here.

From there we’ll go down along the Andes to one of the world’s greatest wine regions, just in time to join the Harvest Celebration in Mendoza and the Uco Valley. You’ll receive the warmest of welcomes here… from the people and the weather.

There’s so much in store for you… it’s a challenge to describe it all.

Simply put… this is an incredible trip. Argentina, and in particular this itinerary, is an unforgettable, life-changing experience.

If you’re looking for a retirement destination or a place to invest outside the U.S., or you want to explore one of the world’s most promising emerging markets in comfort and in good company… this exceptional expedition will show you opportunities firsthand, worthy of your attention.

I hope you’ll seriously consider joining me in Argentina this March.

Below you’ll see what we’ll be doing day-by-day as well as the pricing and everything that’s included. Take a few minutes to look this over and if you have any questions, would like to extend your stay for any reason or require special arrangements, we’re always happy to assist you.

If you enjoy culture and history, natural wonders, jaw-dropping scenery, wonderful cuisine and wines … then this is the tour for you … and I urge you to call right now to reserve your space.

There are only 20 places available for this exclusive tour … and several are already spoken for.

Don’t delay. Please accept my invitation to join us and reserve your place by calling 800 926 6575 or +561 243 6276 or send me an email at info@opptravel.com and I’ll reserve your spot.

It’s that simple. 


Barbara Perriello
Director, Opportunity Travel

A Taste of Uruguay & Argentina

Your Day-to-Day Schedule

We’ve designed an active, adventurous schedule for you and allowed plenty of time to experience the high points of Buenos Aires…  Iguazu Falls’ magnificent nature and scenery… the picturesque town of Cafayate and the charms of Salta City… Mendoza’s fantastic vineyards… and so much more.

Along the way and at all of our stops in between, you’ll enjoy leisurely meals and lively conversation either at excellent restaurants or in beautiful vineyard settings at world-class wineries. In fact, some of our fellow travelers have told us that this Argentina Discovery Tour is a culinary experience of a lifetime!

Sunday, March 28
Day 1 – Depart for Argentina

Flight to Buenos Aires where our exciting expedition begins. If you are departing from the U.S., we suggest the American Airlines flight out of Miami at 10:30 p.m., arriving on the morning of March 20.

If you would prefer a day-time flight instead, there is a flight departing Miami on American Airlines at 10:10 a.m. that arrives into Buenos Aires at 8:21 p.m. You will have one extra night at the Fierro Hotel and then join the group for the city tour on March 20. 

Please note: Airfare is not included but we can assist you in booking your flights. Airport transfers from the airport to the Fierro are included regardless of which day you arrive.

Monday, March 20
Day 2 – Arrive Buenos Aires

When you land in Buenos Aires you’ll be met at the airport (after you clear customs) by our tour operator who will whisk you off to the fashionable Fierro Hotel, located in the trendy Palermo Hollywood neighborhood.

The award-winning Fierro was built by the Rosberg family as an investor hotel and has been ranked in the city’s top ten by TripAdvisor since it opened six years ago. You’re sure to enjoy the spacious suites and heated rooftop pool.

Upon arriving at Fierro, you’ll have a chance to freshen up and enjoy a light breakfast before we head out for an afternoon city tour.

Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, is one of the most exciting cities in the world – with a sophisticated, refined Latin American influence but on a cosmopolitan par with New York or Paris.

South America’s gateway city boasts large boulevards, beautiful parks and plazas lined with mature trees, and an architectural wonderland of landmark buildings, thanks to a mix of Old World influences. Sidewalk cafes, museums and churches throughout 26 unique neighborhoods offer up their diverse personalities.

Among the city’s many highlights, we’ll visit…

  • Plaza de Mayo, the political center and home to Casa Rosada, the rosy-pink residence of Argentina’s president…
  • Teatro Colón, a grand opera house and 100-year old architectural gem…
  • Colorful La Boca with its famous “Caminito” walking street and open-air tango…
  • Historical San Martin Square and Santa Fe Avenue, the heart of fashion and shopping…
  • Recoleta Cemetery, one of Buenos Aires’ most treasured cultural attractions… an extraordinary graveyard where presidents and military generals, artists and most famously, Evita Perón, are buried…
  • And contrasting, stylish Puerto Madero, with restaurants, bars, great views plus an 864-acre ecological reserve. Pretty Porteños and chic international jetsetters have made this their playground.

This evening we’ll gather at UCO, Fierro’s very posh restaurant, for an exquisite meal and wine selections from their impressive cellar. Steve Rosberg, an economist and the managing partner of Ushay Investments, will be there to meet us along with his son, Andres who is Argentina’s premier sommelier. B/D

Tuesday, March 21
Day 3 – Buenos Aires

Start the day with a leisurely breakfast at the hotel’s outdoor garden area, and afterwards we’ll convene for a meeting with Steve Rosberg and his associates to go over the dynamics of what’s happening today in Argentina.

We’ll learn about Ushay’s various projects which include construction and agricultural farmland in both Argentina and Uruguay, timber and vineyards, plus residential developments.

You’ll also have a chance to hear from attorney Juan Federico Fischer, an expert on Uruguay who will tell us what it takes to get established there with residency, real estate or a business. This particular tour does not include Uruguay but we will be happy to help you make arrangements if you are interested.

Lunch is on your own and the afternoon is free for you to do as you like. You might make appointments to see real estate in the city, shop for fine leather goods, explore the city… or just relax.

We'll meet in the evening to depart for dinner as a group and take in a fabulous tango show. There is nothing better than going to a traditional tango theater in Buenos Aires… the beating heart of tango! B/D

Wednesday, March 22
Day 4 – Flight to Misiones; Overnight in Posadas

After an early breakfast at the hotel, we’ll catch a flight to the province of Misiones and spend the day visiting the La Negra forestry project and residential development. We’ll see mature pine and eucalyptus plantations that are being tapped for resin along with lakefront lots on the Paraná River.

We’ll enjoy an authentic Argentine asado – a typical barbeque of assorted meats – under a canopy of shady trees, accompanied by good wines (of course) and local musicians.

From there after about an hour’s drive, we’ll arrive in Posadas, the capital of Misiones and spend the night at the Urbano Hotel. If you’re still hungry after our wonderful lunch, join us as we head out along the river for a light local dinner.  B/L

Thursday, March 23
Day 5 – Depart for San Ignacio Miní, Iguazu Falls

This morning after an early breakfast, we’ll travel inland in the Province of Misiones and visit San Ignacio Miní, the most complete mission ruins in Argentina, dating back to 1696 – impressive for the quantity of carved ornamentation still visible and for the amount of restoration. Declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO in 1984, today only vestiges remain of this settlement where science and art were part of the union between the white man and Guaraní people.

We’ll be staying on the Argentine side of the falls, at the Loi Suites Iguazu, a thoughtfully designed hotel set right on the river’s edge. Tonight we will dine together as a group at Restaurant Naipi in the hotel, with a beautiful view of the subtropical rainforest. B/L/D

Friday, March 24
Day 6 – Iguazu Falls

After an enjoyable breakfast at our hotel, we’re off to experience the stunning beauty and raw power of one of the greatest natural wonders on Earth.

Spectacular Iguazu Falls span the border between Argentina and Brazil, and are among the world’s top sites – visually and acoustically – especially when seen from the Argentine side. More than 1,000 separate cascades tumble off a massive escarpment – over a mile long and 260 feet high. These massive falls were inscribed as a World Heritage site in 1984 not only for their beauty but also as a preferred habitat for rare and endangered species.

We’ll see flora and fauna in the subtropical jungle, hike a hidden trail and explore the waterfalls by jet boat. You’ll be amazed by the volume of flowing water – this is truly a once-in-a-lifetime adventure! You’re sure to appreciate the impressive National Park that surrounds the falls.

We’ll stay at Loi Suites again this evening and have dinner as a group. B/D

Saturday, March 25
Day 7 – Flight to Salta, Overnight Cafayate – Tropical Forest to High Desert

Today we fly to Salta City and then follow a magnificent scenic route via bus to Cafayate where we’ll check into the charming, colonial-style Patios de Cafayate for two nights.

The drive is about three hours and truly a breathtaking ride. Leaving the airport, we first travel through lush green forests then to the high desert into the red rock foothills of the Andes.

Impressive large-scale red rock formations define Quebrada de las Conchas, a river valley in the middle of Salta province. Some of these rock formations even have names: Los Castillos (The Castles), La Garganta del Diablo (The Devil's Throat), and El Oblisco (The Obelisk).

One of our stops along the way is at El Anfiteatro (The Amphitheatre), and often local musicians and even tourists drop in to play and sing. Once we were treated to a delightful performance by a children’s choir.

We’ll share a wonderful dinner in the quaint town of Cafayate when we arrive. B/D

Sunday, March 26
Day 8 – La Estancia de Cafayate

After a leisurely breakfast, we’ll take off for La Estancia de Cafayate and meet the team that oversees this secluded “wine and residential sporting estate,” set in the foothills of the Andes.

Originated by Doug Casey and investors in 2006, this unique residential community has all the amenities you could want… an 18-hole golf course designed by Bob Cupp… the Clubhouse restaurant offering fine dining and delicious local fare… the Athletic Club & Spa… a boutique hotel – Grace Cafayate, complete with its own upscale restaurant, wine and cigar bar.

As one owner here said, “It’s like Palm Springs with vineyards.”

You’ll have a chance to see this masterpiece development and enjoy a tour of the property before our lunch on site at La Estancia, followed by a tasting at a local winery.

Dinner is at your leisure. We’ll overnight again at Patios de Cafayate, which also boasts one of the country’s top wineries, with vineyards meandering as far as the eye can see. Beautifully appointed rooms, each one unique, highlight this historic structure. B/L

Monday, March 27
Day 9 – La Estancia de Cafayate

Enjoy breakfast, and then today you’re free to play a round of golf at La Estancia or visit the town of Cafayate, or indulge yourself at the Patios spa.

We have a mid-day departure back to Salta City where we will overnight at the Design Suites Hotel, located in the center of this lovely city.

Early in the evening we’ll enjoy a nice glass of wine and meet with Simon Ridgway of Fortuna Silver, one of Latin America’s fastest growing mining companies. Dinner is on your own and there are some delightful restaurants here to choose from… but you might want to consider the wonderful restaurant at our hotel. B/L

Salta City… Where Cultures Meet

Like most of Northwestern Argentina, Salta is a city of folklore where the Indian and Gaucho cultures meet. Music, singing and dancing are all part of daily life, especially in the peñas, lively restaurants where the public is warmly invited to participate in the shows on stage. This region’s folklore isn’t something from the past, rather it’s a living breathing art form shared by everyone.

Salta’s sophisticated side shows off with its outstanding museums and romantic candlelit plaza-side cafes. Pink and pastel-blue buildings with ornate facades highlight the main square with a pretty park in the center. Founded in 1582, Salta is the most beautifully preserved colonial city in Argentina. It offers the comforts and services of a large town, yet retains the charm of a smaller place.

You can sit at a sidewalk café sipping one of the region’s signature wines, watch horse-drawn carts pass by on their way to deliver fresh produce, or shop for top quality goods in high-end stores. But beware, sounds of tango and the aromas of tasty locro stews and the best-ever empanadas can be irresistible!

Actor Robert Duvall has established a plush boutique estancia on the outskirts of the city, his House of Jasmines is one of many elegant and quaint hotels found in and around Salta.

Tuesday, March 28
Day 10 –Salta City to Mendoza for the Harvest Festival

This afternoon we fly to Mendoza and spend two nights at the luxurious Park Hyatt – a restored Spanish colonial structure that boasts an incomparable view of the Plaza de la Independencia from a beautiful outdoor terrace.

Tonight we’ll meet on Las Terrazas de la Plaza for sparkling wines with the Ushay team – a kick-off party for their Harvest Celebration, an annual event they arrange for investors in their Los Arbolitos Vineyard.

This year, the festival itinerary will take us to wineries in the Mendoza area and Uco Valley… all of our meals will be at Argentina’s top wineries – the ones that buy Los Arbolitos grapes.

Dinner this evening will be at Francis Mallman’s fabulous 1884 Restaurant, in the Escoriheula Gascón Winery. You will definitely want to bring your appetite along for this meal. B/L/D

Wednesday, March 29
Day 11 – Mendoza, Overnight Park Hyatt, Winery

Breakfast will be served in the hotel at your leisure and then we’re off to visit Viña Cobos Winery, Paul Hobb’s project (perhaps America’s best-known winemaker).

We move on to lunch at Bodega Norton, founded in 1895 with a plantation of vines imported from France. Your afternoon is free to relax or sample our hotel’s amenities – or perhaps best used for a siesta so that you’re in shape for this evening.

We’ll dine together tonight at Bodega Trapiche, one of Argentina's largest and most traditional wineries – this winery is almost 100 years old and has been fully revamped. B/L/D

Wednesday, March 30
Day 12 – Uco Valley

As usual, we’ll enjoy breakfast at the hotel and then head south into the foothills of the Andes for Uco Valley, the most exciting wine region in Argentina today.

Once we get settled at the Posada Salentin, our hotel for the next two nights, we’ll be on our way to tour and have lunch at Piedra Infinita, Zuccardi’s amazing new winery.

You have the afternoon free to relax in Salentein and in the evening, we’ll dine at SuperUco, a joint project of Matias, Gerardo and Juan Pablo Michelini, three brothers who are revolutionizing the wine industry in Mendoza.

Tonight the Rosbergs will be on hand to answer your questions about their projects we’ve seen at La Negra and to tell you about opportunities at La Morada in the Uco Valley.  B/L/D

Friday, March 31
Day 13 - Uco Valley, La Morada

This is our special day in Los Arbolitos Vineyard. After breakfast, we’ll take off for La Morada de los Andes, visiting the Guesthouse and their real estate development.

We’ll spend a relaxing day here with a vineyard gaucho asado accompanied by fine wines, and you’ll have a chance to bicycle, trek, or swim – and perhaps a take a siesta if you like. Prepare yourself for another spectacular day at the base of the majestic Andes!

Tonight we’ll have a light, early evening snack before turning in at Posada Salentein. B/L/D

Saturday, April 1
Day 14 - End of Tour, Departures to the Mendoza Airport
(approximately a 1.5 hour drive)

You can fly from Mendoza to either Buenos Aires or Santiago, Chile… and we can assist with booking these flights. If your departure is late in the day, you’ll have a chance to tour the art gallery at Salentein or you can choose to be entertained by our friends, the gracious and charming Rosbergs.

Optional Extension: If you would like to extend your stay in the southern hemisphere we can help you with a visit to Bariloche, the Glaciers, to Uruguay or any other destination.

***Please note that this schedule is subject to change***

Pricing and What's Included

To Register please call Barbara Perriello at Opportunity Travel:
+800-926-6575 or +561-243-2572.

Per person, based on double occupancy: $5,000 (non-refundable) USD
Single Private Room:
$6,175 (non-refundable)

Price Includes:

  • Domestic Argentina Airfares – 3 flights -- Buenos Aires to Posadas, Iguazu to Salta, Salta to Mendoza.
  • Meals - 13 Breakfasts, 9 Lunches/asados, 10 Dinners and cocktail parties, wine with most dinners.
  • Hotel Stays – 12 nights -- Buenos Aires (2 nights), Posadas (1 night), Iguazu (2 nights), Cafayate (2 nights), Salta City (1 night), Mendoza (2 nights), Uco Valley (2 nights).
  • Argentina Expert Meetings – In Buenos Aires, Cafayate, Uco Valley
  • Tours and Activities – A spectacular tango show in Buenos Aires. All tours and activities as described in the schedule, Harvest Celebration in Mendoza with Andres Rosberg, President of the Argentine Wine Association.
  • All taxes.
  • Assistance from the Opportunity Travel staff throughout the program.


Early reservations are recommended, since our group size is limited, tours do sell out quickly and airlines/hotel blocks are limited and often sell out of their best fares/rates, months in advance.

In order to hold a reservation, we require a non-refundable deposit of $2,000, per person. Full, non-refundable payment is due 60 days prior to departure (January 19, 2017).

Prices are quoted in U.S. dollars. Payment for airfare is due at the time the tickets are issued. We accept VISA, MC, AMEX, Discover, money orders, or wire transfers. If you are paying by credit card, it will show up on your bill as being paid to Opportunity Travel. Make money orders payable to Opportunity Travel, 235 NE 4th Ave., Suite 102, Delray Beach, FL 33483.

Upon receiving your deposit, we will email you confirmation and a trip itinerary. Three weeks prior to the trip, we will mail you your airline tickets (should we be issuing them), general information on the country and our tour, hotel information and luggage tags.

Single Supplements:

Unless otherwise noted, accommodations are based on double occupancy. Participants who specifically request single accommodations must pay a single supplement. If you are traveling alone and wish to share a room with another participant, we will try to find a roommate for you, although we cannot guarantee a match. The single supplement cost is due when you register. If a roommate is available, we will issue you a credit.

Price Does Not Include:

  • International flights to Buenos Aires or return flight from Mendoza.  However, we will be happy to assist you with these bookings through our agency.
  • Travel Insurance. However, we would be happy to assist you with purchasing travel insurance. Please ask us when you register. We have two travel insurance options for you at very reasonable rates. This must be purchased at the same time as you book the trip. (See below for more information)
  • Meals other than those mentioned in the program.
  • Personal expenses such as drinks, laundry, telephone calls, camera fees at monuments, or tips to local guides.
  • Tourist cards/visas (if applicable to the traveler).
  • Airport departure taxes, if applicable (may be due in cash only).
  • Additional or optional activities.
  • Alcoholic Beverages unless noted by tour operator.
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Cancellation Policy

Opportunity Travel Life Adventure Tours are completely non-refundable. If you cancel due to medical reasons that are covered by your purchased travel-insurance policy, we will advise the insurance company that your travel and conference or tour fees are non-refundable.

Rates are based on group participation and no refunds or allowances will be made for absence during the tour, or for activities missed, even if for the causes beyond the control of the participant.

Opportunity Travel & Conference Services, Inc. (OT), reserves the right to cancel any trip prior to departure for any reason whatsoever, including insufficient signup or logistical problems that may impede trip operations. The refund of the package purchased shall release OT from any further liability. A trip canceled due to insufficient signup would normally occur a minimum of one month prior to departure.

(OT) must normally make substantial payments to its suppliers (hotels, transportation companies, etc.) far in advance of the scheduled embarkation date. If a trip is canceled due to acts of God, war, labor strikes, earthquake, flooding, etc., (OT) will promptly refund the portion of the trip cost not already advanced to suppliers and use its best efforts to recover and refund the balance as promptly as possible.

However, (OT) does not guarantee recovery of any or all of the advance payments made, and our use of best efforts to recover these payments will not include the institution of any legal proceedings in foreign jurisdictions.


Your payment represents your acceptance of the following terms and conditions:

The responsibility of Opportunity Travel & Conference Services (OT) is limited. (OT) gives notice that services provided in connection with its itineraries, including transportation, hotel accommodations, restaurants, and other services, are purchased from various independent suppliers who are not affiliated with (OT).

Although it endeavors to choose the best suppliers available, (OT) has no right to control their operations and therefore makes these travel arrangements upon the express condition that (OT), and its own agents and employees, shall not be liable for any delay, mishap, inconvenience, expense, irregularity, bodily injury or death to person, or damage to property occasioned through the conduct or default of any company or individual engaged in providing these services.

Each of these passenger conveyance companies, tour companies, hotels, restaurants, etc., is subject to the laws of the state or country where the service is provided.

(OT) shall not be liable for: (a) expenses such as additional hotel nights and meals not specified in the individual trip itineraries that may be required either en route, prior to, or following a trip, when caused by individual clients' travel arrangements, by airline scheduling or airline schedule changes, canceled flights, missed flight connections, or by other factors not under (OT)' control; (b) expenses incurred in recovering luggage lost by airlines, belongings left behind on a trip, or in shipping purchases or other goods home from abroad; (c) bodily injury or property damage for any reason, including but not limited to acts of God, weather, quarantines, strikes, civil disturbance, theft, default, detention, annoyance, changes in government regulations, terrorism, war, or failure of conveyance to arrive or depart as scheduled, etc., over which it ( (OT) ) has no control.

(OT) reserves the right to take photographic or film records of any of our trips, and may use any such records for promotional and/or commercial purposes. (OT) reserves the right to substitute both trip leaders and hotels from those listed in our promotion without notice. If improvements in the itinerary can be made, or unforeseen conditions beyond (OT)'s control make changes necessary, they reserve the right to alter itineraries or substitute speakers without penalty.

(OT) reserves the right to decline to accept or to restrain from further participation any person it judges to be incapable of meeting the rigors and requirements of participating in the activities, or any person whose actions or deportment impede trip operation or the rights, welfare, or enjoyment of other trip members. A refund based on cost of unused land services is the limit of (OT) responsibility in such a case.

The issuance of acceptance of vouchers or tickets shall be considered consent of the above conditions. By joining our tour you are assuming all these risks and agreeing to indemnify (OT), our partner organizations, their officers, directors and employees harmless for any and all liability that may arise in connection with your participation in an Opportunity Travel Tour or Conference.


Limitations & Participant's Responsibility:

Please realize that on this tour you will encounter many cultural and geographical differences such as ethnic foods, changes in altitude and weather.

At times our tours could be physically demanding and may require climbing stairs and extensive walking. We try to stay at the best or most accommodating hotels in each area, but at times we may run into hotels with problems or limitations such as weak water pressure, limited or no hot water, lack of elevators and handicap facilities and no non-smoking rooms.

Participants have the responsibility to select a trip appropriate to their abilities and interests. We are happy to discuss our tours with you, as well as provide you with names of past participants who can discuss their experience with you.

Participants are held responsible for being in sufficient good health to undertake the trip and are responsible for preparing for the trip by studying the itinerary and pre-departure information packets sent by (OT).


For the protection of your investment, we strongly recommend that you purchase individual TRIP, AIR, HEALTH, ACCIDENT, BAGGAGE AND CANCELLATION INSURANCE.

We feel it is a must these days. Feel free to contact Maria Maher in our office at +800.926.6575 or +561.266.6570 for more information. Please note that rates are based on the total dollar amount of your trip and your age.

If you would like to get a quote and book your travel insurance online we offer two options:

Travel Guard Insurance: click here for a quote.

Travel Insured Insurance: click here for a quote.

Privacy Policy

We take our commitment to protecting the privacy and security of our website users very seriously. We will never intentionally disclose personal information about you as an individual user, but please note that the Internet as a whole is not a secure forum. Exercise caution whenever disclosing information on any website.

Personal information will not be shared at any time without your permission and we will only collect this information on a voluntary basis.

If you volunteer your personal information, we may use it to send you special offers or to contact you with answers to any questions or concerns that you may have.

Users may, however, choose to opt-in to a service in order to receive future offers and information from Opportunity Travel & Conference Services, Inc. (AT&CS) / Opportunity-Travel.com.

If you opt-in you may receive e-mails from us introducing new products and services that we think will be of interest to you. Some may be from companies other than Agora.

We reserve the right to use, without identifying you, any questions, comments or other information that is submitted. We guarantee that we will keep your personal identification information confidential if your information is used in books, articles, or promotions.

By using Opportunity-Travel.com you have agreed to accept our privacy policy. We reserve the right to change or modify Opportunity-Travel.com and its policies at any time. By continuing to use the website you have agreed to any changes that have been made.

If you have any questions or concerns about Opportunity-Travel.com privacy policy please send an e-mail to: info@opptravel.com.

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