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June 21 - July 2, 2013
Opportunity Travel Presents Resources
and an Adriatic Adventure

Gold and Copper Mining and Tour of Serbia, Montenegro and Croatia
plus optional Intimate four day sailing yacht cruise to Split, Croatia from July 2-7, 2013

Explore Europe's Most Promising Developments with Byron King!

Dear Reader,

This June we are going on an adventure! Come with Byron King, Editor of Energy & Scarcity Investor (ESI) and myself, Barbara Perriello, Director of Opportunity Travel, to Serbia, Montenegro and Croatia. In Serbia, we will explore one of the world's most recent and biggest copper and gold discoveries with a very successful junior mining company, Reservoir Minerals (RMC.V), while enjoying the warmth and hospitality of the Serbian people. From Serbia, we will travel to Montenegro, staying along the Adriatic and taking a look at some of the top real estate developments in this region. (Some are already calling this area the new Monaco!) Our last stop will be in Dubrovnik, Croatia, a UNESCO World Heritage site and one of the best preserved medieval towns in Europe. It was built in the 7th century and all its historic treasures have been very well preserved. Here, you will marvel at the beautiful contrast of the city’s ochre red tiles against the bright blue colors of the Adriatic Sea.

This adventure is a great opportunity to combine an investment tour with one of the most interesting junior mining projects in the world today combined with viewing the intriguing real estate opportunities along the Adriatic and, of course, the chance to relax, unwind and socialize in the stunning locales of Serbia, Montenegro and Croatia. Byron King, Editor of Energy & Scarcity Investor (ESI) and I would like you to join us on this very special trip.

Byron King is a Harvard-trained geologist who once worked for a major oil company. Byron focuses on companies on the cutting edge of resource development — like mining operations that pull raw materials from remote locales … or innovative tech companies that stretch our energy supplies as far as they’ll go.

This summer, he's going back to Serbia to check in on developments in a promising young junior mining company that focuses on precious metals and copper. Byron will also accompany us to Montenegro and Croatia. It's a great chance to travel with Byron to pick his brain, to listen to his expertise … and socialize with him!

“Serbia! Are You Nuts?”

Sometimes you have to get off the beaten path, out of your comfort zone to find the best investments. Life changing investments that everyone is looking for are not found where everyone is already looking! Serbia isn't the first place that comes to mind for natural resource investments and that's partly why going there now makes so much sense, no one is looking in Serbia! You see, most of the world still views Serbia through the lens of the Yugoslavian Civil War of the 1990’s. But things have changed. The war is over, and Serbians are putting the past behind them.

Serbia has the Resources the World Needs!

Serbia has incredible mineral wealth that dates back to the Roman ages including coal, iron ore, oil, gas, gold, silver, copper, zinc, antimony, chromite, magnesium, pyrite, limestone, and marble. All of which have been mined, historically, especially around the town of Bor, which was the largest copper and gold mine in Europe for many years. Archaeological mining sites in the Bor area are some of the oldest in Europe and date back to 4500 B.C

Billion Dollar Bor

We'll go to Bor, where you'll see the giant copper mine that's been in operation since 1903. It's quite a hole in the ground, nearly 1,400 feet deep, about a quarter of a mile. We'll see the current infrastructure and also the new $200 million copper smelter currently being built. The new smelter will be completed this year and would have a production capacity of 80,000 Mt/yr of copper anode, very conveniently placed for a prospective junior copper miner …

Just south of Bor, Reservoir Mineral's (RMC) Joint Venture partner, Freeport McMoRan (FCX) has five drills working this site 24-hours a day proving up this mega site, confirming RMC's thesis and also how savvy this junior miner is, at US$575,000 for a 1700m hole- this drilling is not costing RMC a cent! And as renowned geologist and exploration analyst, Brent Cook says, "The Bor District is, without doubt, one of the best underexplored porphyry belts in the world".

Bor is not just a few-million dollar effort. No, Bor is in the range of hundreds of millions, if not billions of dollars. Bor is a BIG resource development, the kind that brings in billion dollar market cap partners with large amounts of capital and expertise.

We will meet the team behind Reservoir Minerals (RMC), who just released two of the very best drill holes in the world over the last 30-years. You will learn about Bor and why it’s a fantastic mining area and also what we can expect from Reservoir Minerals (and joint venture partner Freeport McMoRan, FCX) in the coming months and years. When you join Byron and I in Serbia, you'll see …

  • The location of potentially one of the largest high-grade underground copper- gold mines in the world, which happens to be next to one of the largest open- pit copper mines in the world.
  • The movers and shakers who are making it happen – Simon Ingram, Chief Executive Officer of Reservoir Minerals, Christopher MacIntyre, Vice President of Corporate Development and Aleksander Obrenovic, Vice President Exploration. Plus, we'll meet their management team on the ground … the geologists including "Dr. Bor" – the Reservoir Minerals Geologist who can answer all of your questions about the Bor area.
  • An in-depth presentation of the geology in the region and the details of the new discovery that RMC is working on.

Serbian History and Hospitality

Serbia has a very rich history, and a culture that's been evolving since before the Roman Empire. There were seventeen Roman Emperors born in the territory of today's Serbia. One of them, Emperor Galerius, built a summer palace named Felix Romuliana, or Romula's Happiness, to honor his mother. It's now a UNESCO World Heritage Site of which Serbia has a total of eight sites on this coveted list. The longest stretch of the river Danube, longer than in any other European country, is in Serbia and you will get to dine with us at a lovely restaurant on its banks!

Serbia is on the crossroads of European history and as such, it is a mix of cultures, ethnicity and religions. In the course of my travels, I have found Serbian people to be one of the most hospitable and welcoming people you could meet. Serbia is the hometown of world famous names like Djokovic, Jankovic and Ivanovic; the ambassadors of New Serbia. This is a country full of smart, hard-working people.

While in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia that translates to “White City,” so named for the limestone traditionally used in construction, we will visit the Belgrade Fortress. Once an important military fortification, over the last 2300 years some 115 battles have been fought over this site! This fortress forms the first gate of the "Via Militaria," the old Roman road that leads straight through the Balkans to old Constantinople, now Istanbul, Turkey. The Fortress now serves as the central park of Belgrade, and the site offers fantastic views over the surrounding city down to the confluence of the Danube and Sava rivers. Also on display is the statue of Pobednik (Winner), one of the symbols of Belgrade. We will also visit the National Museum, the most prominent museum in Serbia which was founded in 1844. It houses a collection of more than 400,000 exhibits, over 5,600 paintings and 8,400 drawings and prints, and includes many masterpiece collections, including Miroslav Gospel – one of two (the other being in scientist Nikola Tesla's valuable archive) literary memorials on UNESCO's Memory of the World Programme – that Serbia has.

And, in the summer, the natural beauty of Serbia is stunning, the food is amazing and the Serbian hospitality is second to none! From the best tasting tomatoes to the exquisite tasting grass-fed meats, you will truly be wined and dined throughout. Serbia is also the second largest exporter of raspberries and plums in the world so you won't go hungry!
Then it’s onward to the Adriatic …

Mega Montenegro!

This tiny country (roughly the size of Connecticut), may not be mighty in size but is massive in its shear natural beauty. A third of Montenegro is covered in forests, which are said to be the last untouched forests in Europe. The country is mountainous with numerous lakes and Montenegro even has the second deepest canyon in the world!

But let's not forget the stunning coastline with its numerous long beautiful beaches where the rich and famous come to relax and sample the succulent seafood this area is known for.

We will stay in Budva, on the coastal strip close to the beaches and restaurants. Budva's most famous attraction is the Old Town which is surrounded by ramparts originating from the 15th century including a medieval fortification system with city gates, defense walls and towers. The Old Town consists of narrow streets and alleys and small squares with precious monuments of different Mediterranean cultures that have marked the development of this town.

The Next Monaco?

Further down the coastline In Tivat, Canadian resource guru, Peter Munk, the man behind Barrick Gold, joined up with a few other well-known entrepreneurs to develop a luxury project. In the next three years, Tivat, which is now a small town and the youngest in the bay of Kotor, will have a totally different face, with its Luxury Marina for Super-yachts “Porto Montenegro” which will transform the town into a city with high-end restaurants, cafés, hotels, residences, cinemas and shops. During our trip, we will have a chance to see some of the real estate in this exciting project. This is one of the reasons behind people calling Tivat the new Monaco!

You Want Some History?

Montenegro has numerous historical sites that we will experience including:

  • Monastary Moraaca, the most monumental orthodox Middle Age monument in
  • Montenegro, dating back to 1252 with a painting preserved from the 13th century!
  • The walled Old Town of Budva, with its famous churches and cobbled alleyways.
  • The tiny islet of Sveti Stefan, dating back to 15th century, now a hotel for high- profile celebrities.
  • The 15th century "Haj Nehaj" fortress and castle of King Nikola located in the town of Bar.
  • Cetinje, the former capital, dating back to 15th century when all the major European powers had an embassy here. For this reason, the town has a continental style old town located a thousand miles away from any of the continental cities that the architecture is representative of. Here we will visit Monasteries of Cetinje and Biljarda.
  • Njegos Mausoleum and the mountain village of Njegos where we will sample the famous Njegus smoked ham.

But wait, there's more …

The most attractive area in the Old Continent …

So said Jules Verne when he was describing the old fortified town of Kotor. We will cruise the Bay of Kotor, southern Europe's deepest fjord and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, visiting St. Marco Island, Lady of the Mercy Island and the island "Lady of the Rock" before hitting the famous walled town of Kotor, which is perched underneath the magnificent Mount Lovcen. We will visit St. Triphon Cathedral and have free time to wander the maze of alleyways that link small squares containing churches, restaurants and former aristocratic mansions. Outside the walled city, you can marvel at the mega yachts moored in the harbor of the tycoons who also frequent this area.

But it doesn’t end here, this trip along the Adriatic continues to …

The Pearl of the Adriatic

Yes, the famous town of Dubrovnik, Croatia. We will visit the stone walled town, one of the best preserved medieval towns in Europe that was deemed worthy of UNESCO protection. Inside the town walls we will see:

  • The Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin Ma ry with its famous painting of Titien and Raphael.
  • Sponza Palace, one of the few buildings that have maintained its form from before the catastrophic 1667 earthquake. The Palace houses the National Archives and contains a priceless collection of manuscript s that dates back nearly a 1000 years!
  • Rector's Palace, which was built in the late 15 th Century and is adorned with
  • outstanding sculptural ornamentation. It now houses a museum dedicated to the city's history.
  • We will walk on the ancient walls of the town , the finest in the world and Dubrovnik's main claim to fame, from which you can admire the stunning clarity of the deep blue waters of the Adriatic below.

Our Contacts on the Ground …

While in Belgrade you'll get to meet the people in charge of Reservoir Minerals, face-to-face, so you can really get a feel for the people behind these projects. Their knowledge and passion is infectious!

Simon Ingram President, Chief Executive Officer and Director Reservoir Minerals

Dr. Ingram currently serves as President, Chief Executive Officer and Director of Reservoir Minerals. Dr. Ingram was a founding director of Reservoir Capital (TSXV: REO) and has 20 years international experience in the exploration and mining industry. He is the founder and principal of a resource services firm, through which he has provided technical and managerial expertise to exploration and mining companies worldwide, throughout the project cycle from early-stage exploration projects to feasibility studies, mine start up and production. Projects that Dr. Ingram has been a consultant and advisor to include; Petropavlovsk Plc (LSE: POG), a London-listed mining and exploration company with its principal assets located in Russia, Anglo American Zambia copper mine production and expansion, Rio Tinto Technical Services for resource definition to mine start up in the Middle East and the resource expansion, mining start up and subsequent sale of a polymetallic mine in Armenia for a private Swiss company. Dr Ingram holds a B.Sc. (Hon) in Exploration and Mining Geology and Ph.D in Mineral Resource Evaluation from Cardiff University.

Chris MacIntyre Vice President Corporate Development Reservoir Minerals

Mr. MacIntyre currently serves as a director of Minerals and upon completion of the Arrangement will be appointed as Vice President Corporate Development. Mr. MacIntyre presently serves as Vice President Corporate Development of Reservoir Capital (TSXV: REO) and Lara Exploration Ltd. (TSXV: LRA), whereby Mr. MacIntyre’s primary responsibilities include corporate and project finance, strategic development, and corporate communications. His promotion from Manager of Corporate Development to Vice-President of Reservoir Capital and Lara Exploration Ltd. followed his role of Manager, Corporate Development with Universal Power Corp. (TSXV:UNX) from October 2008 until March 2010. Mr. MacIntyre holds an Honours Bachelor of Commerce from the Queen's School of Business at Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario.

Aleksander Obrenovic Vice President Exploration

Mr. Obrenovic has served as the Managing Director of Southeast European Exploration D.O., one of the Serbian Subsidiaries, since June 2006. Upon completion of the Arrangement, Mr. Obrenovic will be appointed Vice President Exploration of Minerals. Mr. Obrenovic has been involved with precious and base metals exploration for over seventeen years. Prior to joining Reservoir Capital he was a principal geologist of a Serbian subsidiary of Eurasian Minerals Inc. (TSX: EMX.V). Prior to his involvement with Reservoir Capital, Mr. Obrenovic spent twelve years working at the Serbian National Geological Institute "Geoinstitut" Belgrad, participating in several international and Serbia in-country mineral exploration projects and scientific studies. Mr. Obrenovic was a member of the editorial board and technical editor of several special geological publications and university textbooks. Mr. Obrenovic holds a graduate engineer of economic geology degree from the faculty of Mining and geology, University of Belgrade.

What's Included?

During your travels with us in you'll stay at the finest hotels available and dine in the best restaurants. Most meals are provided and there will be the opportunity to explore the cuisine of this area on your own or in small groups. You will also get a chance to enjoy some wonderful local musicians.

All ground transportation is provided as well as all of your tours in each country. Tours will be guided by local tour operators in the various destinations. In other words, you are going to be completely taken care of!

What does this adventure cost?

Our Serbian investing expedition costs $5,997 per person, based on double occupancy. If you'll be travelling alone, there will be a $1,300 supplement, and we can try to match you with a roommate if so desired.

This is a great opportunity to travel with Byron and see what he considers to be the most exciting investment opportunities in Serbia. You will also get to socialize with him in the stunning locations of Montenegro and Dubrovnik, enjoying the best accommodations and a great culinary experience that this area is known for. I know I'm looking forward to it!

If you would like to join Byron and me, please contact me at info@opprtunity-travel.com today for more information. I can only take 20 people, as these countries just don’t cater to large groups, with small boutique hotels and exclusive restaurants.

So, if you would like a fun and rewarding trip this summer, here's what to do: Call me (Barbara), Michelle or Michael at Opportunity Travel right away to reserve your space or ask any questions. The number is +800-926-6575 x 104 or +1-561-243-6276. Or email info@opptravel.com.

Time is of the essence. June is quickly approaching, and I fully expect there to be a waiting list for this trip. I don't want you to be on the waiting list and risk being left out – I want you to see the exciting profit potential of Serbia for yourself.

Here's to an exciting, profitable adventure together.

Barbara J. Perriello
Director of Opportunity Travel

P.S. June is coming fast, so waste no time! Join an investing expedition like no other to see gold and copper mines of Serbia and visit the stunning countries of Montenegro with its emerging yacht building facilities and real estate, and the beautiful walled city of Dubrovnik, Croatia.

REGISTER TODAY: email us at info@opportunity-travel.com

Day-by-Day Program
June 21-July 2, 2013

Friday, June 21, 2013 – Leave for Belgrade, Serbia depending on your departure city for arrival by June 22.

Saturday, June 22, 2013 – Arrival into Belgrade

Arrival into Belgrade today. We don’t have any formal plans as a group on this day but we would like you to arrive in order to begin our program first thing on Sunday morning. We are happy to assist you with flights/train or any other arrangements for your trip to Belgrade. You will be staying at the Hotel Crystal for the next three nights in downtown Belgrade. This evening, we will enjoy a welcome cocktail reception at the hotel and get a chance to meet your fellow travellers. R

Sunday, June 23, 2013 – Belgrade to Bor Copper Mine

After breakfast we’ll depart by motorcoach for a full-day excursion to Bor, the site of the current copper mine, I talked about earlier, smelter and related infrastructure. We will visit the site of Reservoir Minerals exploration program accompanied by the RMC staff. This will be a very full day of meetings and exploration. We will return to Belgrade for the evening. B,L,D

Monday, June 24, 2013 –Belgrade City Tour

After breakfast this morning, we will take a walking tour of the city, including the Belgrade Fortress, Military Museum and we'll peruse the displays and artefacts over at the National Museum. Tonight we will enjoy dinner over-looking the Danube and the Zoo! Joining us for dinner will be the Management of Reservoir Minerals B,L,D

Tuesday, June 25, 2013 – Zlatibor

After breakfast today we will check out and depart by motor coach for Zlatibor. Our first visit will be to the oldest hydro site in Europe – Uzice –  the home of Nikola Tesla. We will also visit the village of Guca which is famous for its traditional trumpet festival which draws over half a million people to the town each year. We will have lunch here and be treated to a performance from these maestros. Tonight we will overnight in Zlatibor – a picturesque small town. B,L,D.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013 – National Park & Budva, Montenegro

Today, after breakfast and check out of the hotel and depart from Zlatibor in Serbia to Montenegro via Prijepolje and Bijelo Polje. We will stop in the National Park “Biogradska gora” to visit one of the last jungles in Europe and lunch in the restaurant near the beautiful lake. We will visit the medieval monastery Moraca before arriving via the capital, Podgorica to Budva, where we will stay at the Hotel Splendid for the next three nights. B,L,D

Thursday, June 27, 2013 – Visits to Sveti Stefan & Bar

This morning, after breakfast, we will visit of the Old town of Budva, then drive south along the coast to Sveti Stefan (St. Stephan) where we will have a welcome drink on arrival and private visit of this island’s famous hotel Aman Sveti Stefan, which has been visited by many celebrities, including Orson Welles, Elizabeth Taylor, Sophia Loren, Princess Margaret,  and Kirk Douglas.   In 2010, Italian tenor, Andrea Bocelli gave a concert at the resort, to mark the Golden Jubilee of the hotel. Then, back outside the walls of this island town, we will lunch at the “Olive Tree” restaurant, which is on the sea directly in front of the island.

From Sveti Stefan, we then will go a little further south to the coastal Old town of Bar.The remnants of the 15th century “Haj Nehaj” Fortress and the castle of King Nikola represent the historical and cultural monuments of this old town. There is an olive tree that is more than 2000 years old, as well as a large number of monasteries and churches.

Return to hotel in Budva at late afternoon. Dinner and overnight. B,L,D

Friday, June 28, 2013 – Old Montenegro Tour – Centinje & Njegusi

Today we will visit Cetinje – the historical old capital of Montenegro.  We will enjoy a short walking tour of Cetinje, then, we will continue on to the National Park Lovcen.  At the mausoleum, you can ascend the 466 steps to visit the Njegos Mausoleum and have spectacular views of the country. 

Our next stop is Njegusi, which people here say, is the true air spa where two climates intersect. It is almost untouched virgin area without any industry. At Njegusi you will enjoy the famous Njegus smoked ham– prosciutto and cheese. You could also visit the birthplace of Petar II Petrovic Njegos. Lunch will be in a local traditional restaurant, of course specializing in smoked ham and we will take a quick visit to a local smoke house.

After lunch, we will take the old road from Njegusi to Budva, the famous "Lovcen’s Serpentines", which is symbolized by 25 curves. You will have chance to experience this road on our way back to the hotel! B,L,D

Saturday, June 29, 2013- Bay of Kotor

Today we will check out of our hotel and head to Tivat for visit of marina PORTO MONTENEGRO and real estate tour.  From Tivat we will board a private small boat to tour the Bay of Kotor via Tivat Bay visiting St. Marco Island, Lady of the Mercy Island and the island “Lady of the Rock”. We will stop in Perast for lunch at restaurant Conte, which offers a wide selection of local seafood specialties and international cuisine. It is known for its high-quality, authentic ambience and stunning views of Kotor bay.

After lunch we will cruise to the old town of Kotor at the base of Mount Lovcen. The old town consists of a maze of tiny alleys that meet unexpectedly to form "squares" that are anything but square. One of the great pleasures of Kotor is wandering at random through this little labyrinth. Check-in at the Hotel Vardar in Kotor. Dinner at restaurant in Old town. B,L,D

Sunday, June 30, 2013- Dubrovnik

After breakfast and check-out from our hotel in Kotor, we will depart to Dubrovnik in Croatia.  After two- hours of driving, we will arrive in Dubrovnik for a tour of the old town with a local guide. Lunch at a restaurant in the Old town then free time in the afternoon to explore.

The next two nights will be at the Hotel Lapad in Dubrovnik. B,L,D

Monday, July 1, 2013- Dubrovnik

Free day in Dubrovnik with some optional tour options. We will meet for our farewell dinner at a local restaurant.  B, D.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Check out of our hotel and transfer to the airport in Dubrovnik, for departures home.

–– OR ––

Join us for an Optional Intimate Excursion on a
Private Sailing Yacht from Dubrovnik to Split, Croatia

Visiting the Islands of Mljet, Korcula, Hvar and Brac
July 2-7, 2013

While in this area, one of the most ideal things to do is to have a sailing trip to some of the wonderful islands (there are hundreds) that are all along this Dalmatian Coast. 

We have chosen a lovely, sailing yacht, which provides guests with a magnificent cruise, Mediterranean food, attentive crew, spacious and beautifully furnished decks and interior, and the vacation of lifetime. This yacht will take us from Dubrovnick to Split exploring the beautiful islands of Mljet, Korcula, Hvar and Brac, with our last stop the city of Split. 

Please email me at info@opportunity-travel.com or call me at +800-926-6575 x 104, 105 or

Pricing and What's Included
June 21-July 2, 2013 with option through July 7, 2013

Price per person, based on double occupancy:

  • Sharing room, per-person: $5,997 (total for two is $11,994)
  • Single, Not sharing room: $7,297*

Pricing for Optional Sailing Yacht Excursion from Dubrovnik to Split

  • Sharing room, per-person: $2,500 (total for two is $5,000)
  • Single, not sharing room: $4,600

Discounts of $100 for past tour members and $100 for Agora Financial Reserve Members, Oxford Chairman Circle Members, Stansberry Alliance members and Insider Strategy VIP members.

The Main Tour June 22-July 2 Includes:

  •  10 nights' accommodation, as outlined in the itinerary
  • Meals as outlined in the itinerary
  • All ground transfers, sightseeing, and excursions
  • All current applicable taxes
  • Mineral water on the coach and during the meals
  • English-speaking local guide for sightseeing as per the program
  • Tips and gratuities to bellhops at the hotel and waiters during the meals
  • Meetings scheduled with experts on the ground

Price Does Not Include:

  • International flights*, any fees for visa’s or passports.
  • Travel Insurance. As this tour is non-refundable we highly recommend that your purchase travel insurance. This must be purchased at the same time as you book the trip.
  • Meals other than those mentioned in the program.
  • Personal expenses such as alcoholic drinks, laundry, telephone calls, or tips to local guides.

 * Note: Flights should be booked for arrival into Belgrade, Serbia on June 22 and for departure out of Dubrovnik, Croatia on July 2.

 The Sailing Yacht Cruise from July 2-7 Includes:

  • Four nights luxury accommodation in Cabins on-board.
  • One night accommodation in Split at the conclusion of the cruise
  • All breakfasts and lunches on board, two dinners on board the other two dinners you will be independent of the group to feast at a restaurant of your own choosing, at your own expense.
  • Transfers to the sailing yacht in Dubrovnik and to the hotel in Split
  • Port fees.
  • Free WiFi.

Price Does Not Include:

International flights*, any fees for visa’s or passports, personal items and purchases. Purchase of alcoholic beverages. On board the vessel there is an option to purchase an on-board drink package. Alcohol is not permitted to be brought on board by guests.

* Note: Flights should be booked for arrival into Belgrade, Serbia on June 22 and for departure out of Split, Croatia on July 7.

We Can Help You with Your Travel Arrangements:

We would be happy to help you book your flights from your home. Simply ask us about these services when you reserve your place on this trip. You can reach us by phone at: +800-926-6575, or e-mail us now at info@opportunity-travel.com.

* Note on Single Price: If you are travelling alone and wish to share a room with another participant, we will try to find a roommate for you, although we cannot guarantee a match. The single pricing is due when you register. If a roommate is available, we will issue you a credit for the difference.

REGISTER TODAY: email us at info@opportunity-travel.com

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