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We've been taking travelers like you to destinations as far-flung as New Zealand… Honduras… Panama… Nicaragua… Argentina… South Africa… Mexico… Belize… and beyond for nearly a decade now.

In each place we make getting around smooth and painless. We charter planes… boats… buses… even helicopters if need be. If you were traveling any other way, you'd find yourself at the mercy of scheduled flights and missed connections.

Come with us, and you'll find we've taken care of every detail. You'll see and learn more in one week on an Opportunity Travel Life Adventure than you could ever hope to accomplish in a month on your own.

You Get Personalized Service

What's more, we make sure you never want for anything. We send somebody from our office to travel with every group—Michelle Sedita or me, Barbara Perriello. And we're on-call to make sure you're always comfortable and have everything you need.

Plus we engage local guides in every destination as well. You can be sure you're getting the inside scoop about a place from somebody who knows her stuff.

Enjoy small groups and exclusive accommodations

We keep the groups small so getting around is efficient, and you'll never feel as if you're lost in a crowd. You'll find yourself in the pleasant company of like-minded travelers. We're accustomed to independent-minded folks, so we make sure to leave plenty of time for you to wander through town on your own, stop in a café for a drink, relax on the sand with a book…

In each destination, our accommodations are first-rate. We stay in the kinds of places people who don't like to think of themselves as tourists go… the kinds of places you'll go back to on your own. And on every trip, most—if not all—of your meals are included.

Below are a selection of images from recent trips -- to give you a sense for what you could be doing this year. For more information about any destination, click on that destination link or send us a message on our contact us page.

Honduras Bay Islands | Panama | Nicaragua | Chilé - Peru

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