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Green plains…faithful geysers…
natural hot springs…calving glaciers…
and potential returns of more than
100% over the next three years…

With one of the world’s fastest-growing economies, Iceland has quietly transformed itself into a booming center of international capitalism. Don’t miss this chance to profit before the rest of the world catches on…

Join Dr. Steve Sjuggerud on this insider’s expedition to
Discover Iceland ~ June 2-8, 2007


Dear reader,

Iceland is one of my favorite places to visit on the planet. And now it offers the highest interest rates of any developed country in the world. So it’s time once again for us to visit…

In 2002, a few dozen True Wealth subscribers joined me on an Investment Adventure to Iceland. We saw the many one-of-a-kind sights Iceland has to offer, and we also learned firsthand about the incredible opportunity in Icelandic bonds… an opportunity back then that led to gains of about 70% for True Wealth readers in less than two years.

It’s been five years since that last trip. And the opportunity has come around once again… I think the returns could be higher this time than they were the last time around. So I’d like to invite you to join me on an ”Investment Adventure” to Iceland, this June.

We were surprised with the weather back in 2002 – it was in the 70s every day, with hardly a cloud in the sky. That’s not what you expect in a country called Iceland. But the unexpected is the norm in Iceland – and that’s why I love it.

Thingvellir valleyFor example, Iceland is one of the world’s richest countries. Even though it is in the middle of nowhere, with no natural resources, income per person in Iceland is higher than it is in the States. And Iceland is the birthplace of democracy, which I don’t think anyone would have guessed, as people associate Socialism, not democracy, with Scandianvians.

We will visit the actual birthplace of democracy – Thingvellir Valley. This place is cool… it could be straight out of the movie Braveheart. As you stand above on the bluff, you see green plains and curving streams below, and across the way a mountain ridge (which, it just so happens, is drifting apart from the ridge you’re on at a rate of about two centimeters a year – one side is Europe’s plate, the other is America’s). This tectonic shifting – plus erupting volcanoes, shooting geysers, bubbling hot springs, and the slow, centuries-long march of glaciers across the island – have created in Iceland an extraordinary, dramatic landscape unlike anywhere else on earth.


Thingvellir literally means “Parliament plains,” and it’s where the world’s first Parliament was established by the Vikings in 930. For nearly nine centuries, Icelanders gathered once a year on these plains to make laws, elect leaders, and settle disputes. It’s from Iceland that Viking Leif Eriksson set out to become the first European to set foot in North America.

Thingvellir is like nowhere else in the world – which you’ll find yourself saying a lot on this trip. For investors, what’s most important about Iceland is not its natural beauty, its democratic history, or its heritage of Viking exploration. What’s important is its economy. It’s been particularly hot. So the central bank has raised interest rates to 17% -- yes 17% -- to try and slow the economy. The first thing you learn about bonds is this: when interest rates come down, bond prices rise. In Iceland, interest rates have a long way to fall – and prices have room to soar! I expect it will all happen within three years.

When you join me there June 2-8, 2007, you’ll find out exactly how you can take advantage of the tremendous profit opportunities in government bonds…Iceland-based, NASDAQ-traded corporations… commodity plays…and more. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let me back up for a minute and put Iceland’s story in some context:

Iceland, the Nordic Tiger

Consider Ireland, long one of Europe’s poorest nations. Less than two decades ago, young Irish men and women fled by the thousands to find work in New York, London…anywhere they could get it. But then, in the 1990s, Ireland’s government slashed taxes and regulations to become the fastest-growing developed country in the world—the “Celtic Tiger.” Irish assets (like real estate) have absolutely soared in value.

Iceland’s government followed a similar path. With Prime Minister David Oddsson leading the charge, Iceland has miraculously transformed itself from a Socialist to a Capitalist state…in a handful of years. Oddsson lowered corporate taxes from 30% to 18%. He literally created financial markets (the stock market began in 1993). He cut red tape and took the government out of industries it didn’t belong in.

The economy responded by growing at a crazy rate. Unemployment hit an astoundingly low 1% in 2001 and have stayed low. Wages have risen significantly across the board, with GDP now well over $30,000 per person. Oddsson has worked all these “miracles” and yet, by cutting spending and selling state-owned industries, the Iceland government can be debt free in three years, if it decided to.

What’s more, energy in Iceland is cheap. Hydroelectric sources provide most of the island’s power. And the earth is, literally, gurgling and steaming all around. In places, the natural geothermal action nearly boils the water which, harnessed and pumped, serves Reykavijk’s hot-water needs—no heating necessary.

The low taxes and the virtually free power are a real draw for big businesses. To give you an idea about the scope of the appeal: A large Australian aluminum producer actually ships its raw material, bauxite, all the way to Iceland…just to take advantage of the cheap power.

And it’s not only manufacturing businesses that can benefit from the low taxes and affordable power. Iceland is particularly high tech – it has the highest computer, Internet, and mobile-phone use in the world.

Potential triple-digit profits in bonds

But perhaps the best opportunity is in long-term government bonds, where an investment could return up to 100% or more over three years. You see, Iceland had an incredible boom. So the government pushed interest rates up to crazy levels. A slowdown in the economy will follow. And that will be followed by interest rate cuts. So it makes sense to buy now…Remember, when interest rates go down, bond prices go up.

“Indexed” bonds are what I recommend. They pay you interest, plus they pay back an additional amount indexed to inflation. This June we’ll meet with executives from Glitnir Investment Bank, and they and I will walk you step-by-step through this opportunity in detail, answer all your questions, and tell you exactly how you can take advantage of what I see as a low-risk, potentially high-return proposition. Also, my father will join us if he can – and he’s a broker in the U.S. who can buy these for you. (If he can’t make it, his partner, Sam Jacobs, will.)

Get the inside investment scoop

Not only that, we’re arranging meetings with other investment opportunities. On our last trip, we met with Decode Genetics (DCGN), which is using modern genomics to “mine” the history of disease in Icelanders. This population is the world’s most homogenous, and so the data collected here is helping scientists get to the root causes of diseases, ultimately helping to eliminate them worldwide. We also met with Ossur, a leader in prosthetic limbs. This time around, I’d like to talk with one of the aluminum companies. It’ll be good fun.

A first-class adventure

I like to think of this trip as a working vacation, because once we’ve gotten the “serious” part of the journey out of the way… once we’ve met with bank and corporate executives and gotten a well-rounded understanding of the best investment opportunities Iceland has to offer…then we’ll head out for a few days of well-deserved sight-seeing and adventure.

Before I get into the details about what we’ll see and do, let me set the record straight: Iceland is not all ice. (Remember – expect the unexpected: in this case, remember that Iceland is green and Greenland is ice.) And not only is it greener than you might think, it’s much warmer, too. This June, you can look forward to sunshine (almost 24 hours a day!) with typical highs in the mid-50s (though we could get lucky like in 2002 and see temps in the 70s!).

Oh, and one other thing: Prepare yourself for six days of luxurious living. Sure…we’ve got an adventure planned. But at the end of each day we’ll stay in a first-class hotel and you’ll find a choice of restaurants that rivals Europe’s best. Icelanders have one of the highest standards of living in the world, and it shows. Nearly everyone can speak English, which makes traveling here easy. And Iceland traditionally ranks as the world’s least-corrupt country (maybe that’s because everybody seems to know everybody else; there are only 300,000 people). Whatever the reason, the result is that you’ll find you feel safe and comfortable visiting here.

See geysers, hot springs, the Blue Lagoon, and more…

We’ll start our expedition with a three-hour guided tour of the capital city of Reykjavik, taking in the culture and history and getting a real sense for the contrast between Iceland’s Viking past and its high-technology present. In the evening, we’ll dine at the hip Pearlan Restaurant, which literally rotates 360 degrees every two hours so every diner can enjoy the view down to the city, up to the mountains, and out over the fjords. When I tell you there is nothing in the world like the Pearlan, you’ve got to realize, I’ve been everywhere. Expect the unexpected!

Throughout the trip, we’ll be based at the elegant Grand Hotel Reykjavik, centrally located within walking distance of the city center and only a few yards from the panoramic coastline. You’ll find the rooms well-appointed, the service excellent, and the daily Scandinavian breakfasts a delight.

From there, after our one-day investment seminar, we’ll take day-trips to explore Iceland’s extraordinary landscape. We’ll start with what’s known as the “Golden Circle” tour, and see much of what Iceland is famous for—its geysers, glaciers, waterfalls, volcanoes, and more. Plus we’ll see Thingvellir, the plains I mentioned earlier, where democracy was born and where the views will take your breath away.

The next day we’ll head out to the Snafellsnes peninsula in western Iceland, traveling via the Bay of Whales (yes, whale-watching is popular here) past World War II relics, through lava fields, by sandy beaches, and along a striking coastline. Bring your cameras! We’ll get out and walk the seaside cliffs, home to thousands of native birds—kittiwakes, cormorants, and seagulls among others. We’ll explore the eerie rocks at Malarrif, the lava caves at Purkhólar, and even examine the wreck of the British trawler Epine, which ran aground in 1947.

On our last full day in Iceland, we’ll visit the world-famous Blue Lagoon. Take a swim in this warm, mineral-rich “lake,” naturally heated by geothermal energy and said to have healing powers. Don’t be shy here… this is a once-in-a-lifetime thing to do… and one of my favorite things to do in Iceland. As usual… it’s like nothing you’ve seen anywhere in the world!

Tremendous value for an adventure of a lifetime

You’ll find that Iceland is not cheap. It is very much a first-world country, with first-world prices. And what’s more, it’s an island, which means many things are imported and cost more. The Economist magazine says that Iceland is the second most expensive country in the world, behind Norway. Fortunately, we were able to put together an air-inclusive package at a much reduced price (I know, because I’ve paid the man-on-the-street fares for these hotels, meals, and tours). This trip provides an excellent value for a once-in-a-lifetime experience…and insider access to investment opportunities that could well generate returns of over 100%.

You could go to Iceland on your own. But it would be virtually impossible for you to meet with all the contacts and gain the insight you’ll enjoy when you travel there on our expedition in such a short time. We’ve done all the legwork for you. And we’ve done this trip a few times now. You can simply relax and be assured that the trip will be smooth and worry-free.

We’re going to keep this group small and manageable—so you won’t feel you’re part of a herd. Because of this, it will undoubtedly sell out. So please call today to reserve your place. Contact Barbara, Michelle, Michael at Opportunity Travel, tel. (800) 926-6575 or email: info@opportunity-travel.com today.

I look forward to seeing you there!


Dr. Steve Sjuggerud

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Discover Iceland ~ June 2-8, 2007

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  • Economy Air from Sanford (Orlando), BWI (Baltimore) or JFK**
  • 5 nights at Grand Hotel Reykjavík including Breakfast
  • 3 hour City tour of Reykjavík with guide
  • Meetings and Company visits with Dr. Steve Sjuggerud
  • 8 hour Golden Circle tour with guide and lunch
  • 12 hour Snæfellsnes tour with guide, boat tour and lunch
  • Transfer to Kelfavík airport
  • Blue Lagoon with guide
  • Dinner at Perlan
  • Dinner with our hosts in Iceland
  • Dinner in Reykjavík City Center

*If you are traveling alone and wish to share a room with another participant, we will try to find a roommate for you, although we cannot guarantee a match. The single supplement is due when you register. If a roommate is available, we will issue you a credit.

**Upgrades to Saga Class Icelandair flights are on offer for $500 each way. (need to confirm availability upon booking).

In order to hold a reservation, we require a $500 non-refundable deposit. Full, non-refundable payment for the tour is due 60 days prior to departure. We accept VISA, MC, AMEX, checks, money orders or wire transfers. Make check out to Opportunity Travel, 235 NE 4th Ave., Suite 102, Delray Beach, FL 33483. We strongly suggest you protect your investment by purchasing trip-cancellation insurance, and we would be happy to recommend a policy to you. Simply ask us about it when you call.


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Schedule of Events

Discover Iceland ~ June 2-8, 2007

Day 1 June 2

Day 2 June 3

When the group arrives, our motorcoach and English speaking guides will be waiting for the group and will drive us directly to the hotel where we will be staying for next five nights. After checking in to the Hotel and relaxing we will head on a three hour city sightseeing tour where we will get a beautiful view over the city to the mountains beyond we get ­from the Breidholt hills residential district. Past the Árbær­ Open Air Museum, and on to the modern swimming facility at ­Laugardalur valley. From there we will Höfdi House - meeting site of­ the 1986 Reagan/Gorbachev Summit (photo stop) - and­ Hallgrímskirkja Church, Iceland's biggest church (the steeple is­ a Reykjavik landmark). On into charming midtown, past the­ parliament and west to the harbour. Then past the University­ before we drive back to the hotel. We will have a transfer to Perlan restaurant where we will have dinner tonight. www.perlan.is (D)

Day 3 June 4

After breakfast we will be transferred to Glitner Bank and visit companies in Reykjavík. Dinner is optional, there are many restaurants at the main shopping street named Laugarvegur- where you can find restaurants from all over the world. (B, L)

Day 4 June 5

After breakfast we will go on an eight hour excursion, which includes many of the scenic natural wonders for which Iceland is justly renowned. We drive over the highland plateau of Hellisheiði, passing the geothermal town of Hveragerði. During a walk through the geothermal hot spring area right in the center of this small town we learn how people live and use Iceland´s hot treasure. Next we reach the picturesque Kerið, a lake-filled extinct volcanic crater. We continue to Skálholt, the site of an ancient bishopric, and for centuries Iceland's main cultural centre. Onwards we will explore the other worldly hot spring area of Geysir - multicolored pools of water and mud. Strokkur, the Great Geysir's little brother, is spouting to a height of about 25 metres and erupts at about 5-7 minute intervals. After the lunch we drive to the mighty Gullfoss (the Golden Waterfall), Gullfoss Falls, where the river Hvitá tumbles 32 meters in a double cascade. When the sun is shining, you're likely to see a rainbow through the massive spray that forms. Over a scenic route we reach Thingvellir National Park and stroll around the country's most sacred site, home of the old Viking parliament Alþingi and major events in our history. It is a place of fascinating natural beauty, where the earth is ever so slowly pulling Iceland apart along tectonic plates, right on Iceland's largest lake, Thingvallavatn. Dinner tonight is optional and you can find many restaurants at the main shopping street named Laugarvegur, and of course there is a good restaurant at your Hotel. (B,L)

Day 5 June 6

Today will be spending our day driving on the peninsula Snæfellsnes (the peninsula of the snowy mountain) with the glacier Snæfellsjökull, where according to Jules Verne´s book the entrance to the centre of the earth can be found. We drive along the south coast of the peninsula and start our visit at Búðir, where a black wooden church can be found. A short walk on the beach is our goal, to see one of the rare light coloured beaches in Iceland strongly contrasted with black basalt lava. We then continue to Arnastapi a tiny village with a tiny harbour and go for a short walk there to enjoy the bird life. Numerous kittiwakes and arctic terns will be among the noisemakers as we walk along the coast. Further on we drive to a beach called Djúpárlónssandur where bizarre rock formations and nicely sea sculpted stones can be found. The stones have proven to have a magical power because of the energy from the glacier Snæfellsjökull. On we go along the coast with the glacier dominating on the other side, driving through two small villages, Hellissandur and Rif. Not far away now getting to the north of the peninsula we find one of the most active fishing villages on the peninsula called Ólafsvík. We soon leave the coast north of the peninsula, and pass right over the peninsula on Fróðárheiði road to the south side, by driving over the mountain road Kerlingarskarð to Stykkishólmur, a fishing village on the north side of the peninsula Snæfellsnes. In Stykkishólmur we embark on a boat to enjoy a two and a half hour boat trip around the islands of Breiðafjörður (the wide fjord). During the boat trip we will see many birds among them puffins, kittiwakes, cormorants, fulmars and if we are lucky the king of the birds in Iceland, white-tailed eagles. The history of the islands will be introduced to us and some of its natural wonders shown to us. Ending the trip with some “fishing” as they throw out a net to show us the wonders in the sea – expect to test scallops or sea urchins straight from the sea! After the boat trip we visit Helgafell (the holy mountain). We return, driving along the north coast of Snæfellsnes passing over to the south side by the Hnappadalur mountain road and back to Reykjavík. Dinner is included tonight as a group with Glitnir Bank. (B,L,D)

Day 6 June 7

Today you have free to book optional tours. We will meet this evening for our farewell dinner. (B,D)

Day 7 June 8

Shortly after breakfast we will have pick up at the hotel that takes us to Kelfavik airport via Blue Lagoon. (B)


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