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Grab Below-Market Caribbean Bargains in the Bay Islands Right Now

Fine, sandy beaches … clear, turquoise waters … breathtaking mountain vistas … easy, safe, comfortable living … English-speaking neighbors …

And a very short window of opportunity for marked-down, fire-sale, and distressed deals …

Bay Islands, Honduras Expedition
June 12-19, 2010 and August 14-21, 2010

Dear Fellow Traveler,

What if I told you that – even with the economic meltdown – you could still enjoy your own tropical paradise? And you don’t need millions in the bank to do it.

An easy, 2-hour non-stop flight from Miami, Houston, or Atlanta gets you to the island of Roatan. Prices there are already much lower than what you find across much of the Caribbean …

And right now, many are lower still.

It's a buyer's market on this island today. But, I predict, that will not be the case for much longer. You'll need to get there soon to grab the best deals. Let me quickly explain why …

 This window of opportunity opened last summer, when there was some political unrest on mainland Honduras – a blip since resolved. The island of Roatan sits about 30 miles from the mainland – but a world apart. Nevertheless, when the US State Department issued a travel warning, the real estate market on Roatan ground to a halt. (The warning was directed at the mainland, not Roatan specifically – but it still disrupted travel to the island.)

Tourism all but dried up, in fact. It was bad news for the property market, which is in large part driven by tourists. They come, they enjoy, then they come back and buy. With many fewer tourists-turned-buyers on the ground, it quickly became a buyer's market. You could essentially name your price.

And to a certain degree, you still can – though the market is certainly regaining momentum today as tourist numbers rebound.

The US travel warning has been lifted. Cruise ships will, according to a recent USA Today article, disgorge a projected 730,000 passengers this year (up nearly 70% from 2009). A new cruise-focused beach area – Mahogany Bay – has opened (passengers take a ski lift from the dock to the beach, believe it or not). And the island's first golf course has just opened.

Plus Canadians are coming in greater numbers than ever. Sunwing has three charter flights on Mondays from Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa to Roatan and La Ceiba. (Imagine a direct, four- to five-hour flight, no US airport hassles, and champagne service to boot!)

 Point is: The island looks good … tourists are back … and we'll soon see this recovery reflected in the property prices. For now, though, you can still sneak in on deals like these …

  • $159,000 for a 5-bedroom, 5-bath luxury home – in a 1/5 fractional ownership deal. You can use the place 73 days a year. This is a real "estate home" in the luxurious Lawson Rock development. It's 4,000 square feet of furnished living space with four master suites on almost an acre with lush trees and plants. And it's an easy stroll to the community's pool and beach.
  • Lots where you could build your own dream home – from hillside as low as $17,000 to a lot just up from the beach between West Bay and West End (with a deeded path down to the sandy coast and a view if you built two stories) listing currently for $69,000.
  • A two-story luxury condo right on white sand West Bay Beach, reduced by $30,000. Here it's an easy to walk to lobster dinners and your views are world-class. A corner unit in this same complex lists for just under a million. But this unit lists today for $439,000. And it comes with either a guaranteed $10,000 in income for four years or a further price reduction of $40,000 now.

The Region’s Next “It” Spot

“On this sleepy island off the coast of Honduras, the main tourist drag is a sand road lined with coconut trees and hand-painted signs touting $2 beers … Restaurants with thatched roofs are cooled by ceiling fans, and a seafood dinner can be had for $10 – about the cost of a single cocktail in pricier parts of the Caribbean.

“This quaint vibe may soon change. Though most Americans have never heard of Roatán, the place is well on its way to becoming the region's next "it" spot. Cruise companies, airlines and foreign real-estate investors are moving in, bringing new construction projects – and potentially hundreds of thousands of tourists – with them.” – Wall Street Journal

I'd like to take you to see buys like these for yourself June 12-19, 2010. If you think you might like a little escape on a white sand beach – complete with palm trees and spectacular sunsets (picked up on the cheap) – now's the time to go.

As I mentioned up top, real estate prices on Roatan – even at full price – still come in at a fraction of what you'd pay for comparable properties on other, more-well-known Caribbean islands. On St. John in the Virgin Islands or in the Turks and Caicos, you'd spend two or three times as much for properties like these.

If you’ve ever longed for a sun-splashed island escape, a place where you can live part-time or retire comfortably and affordably …

Or if you’re trolling for a safe place outside the stock market to grow and safeguard your retirement nest egg, a smart way to hedge against an uncertain market at home …

Then Roatan – one of a sand-ringed potpourri of islands tucked into the Western Caribbean – needs to be on your radar screen. Because while there's a window of opportunity now to grab properties at below-market prices, it's not likely to stay open long.

And the truth is: Good-value deals are just one reason this sunny enclave makes sense. I'll share the rest of the reasons in a moment.

First though, let me introduce myself. My name is Barbara Perriello, the Director of Opportunity Travel. For nearly 20 years now, I’ve been escorting adventuresome profit-hunters to destinations the world over, in search of good-value real estate and retirement buys. One of my very favorite destinations (and, in fact, one where I own property myself) is the Bay Islands of Honduras – Roatan and Utila in particular. I feel certain you’ll find them as beguiling as I do …

Beating Even Buffet:
29% Annualized Returns in Roatan

John and his wife, Ann, joined me in Roatan three-and-a-half years ago. Today, their vacation-cum-investment expedition has paid off handsomely. To the tune of 29% annualized returns. That’s better than Berkshire Hathaway managed over the same period.

Let me tell you the story …

John is a consultant. Ann's a retired kindergarten teacher. They like Caribbean beaches.

Forty-two years ago, they spent their honeymoon camping on St. John in the USVI. And in the years since, they've vacationed there now and again. But St. John is no longer the undiscovered Paradise it was four decades ago.

Roatan, however, is reminiscent.

This island – with its talcum-fine sand, tall green hills, and palm-lined shores – offers many of the same attractions St. John once did. It's not yet overrun with tourists … it retains a genuinely "authentic" Caribbean feel … and property prices are, today, a fraction of what you'd pay in the USVI.

So John and Ann bought. Three properties all told.

They've sold the first – a piece of beachfront in a development just now under construction.

They paid $200,000 for their lot on the sand. And they sold it for $380,000 two-and-a-half years later. That puts a tidy $180,000 in their pockets – and works out to an annualized return of 29%.

Let me put that in perspective. Over the same period …

  • The S&P 500 puttered along at 3.0%
  • Microsoft yielded a respectable 11.6%
  • Berkshire Hathaway returned a significant 22.3%

But John and Ann's Roatan property delivered an even better 29%. Now, I can't guarantee you'd find similar success on Roatan. After all, I can't predict the market for certain. But I can't help but point out the significant upside to this kind of investment – particularly right now.

Here in the States, we’re in a recession. The bottom has dropped out of real estate markets across the nation. Yet in Roatan, the market is still headed up. Cruise ships are coming in ever greater numbers. Developers are building and selling.

Plus, the pool of buyers isn't limited to Americans. That's good. European buyers are discovering this island in greater and greater numbers. And the overseas press has offered rave reviews of late.

A Place in the Sun – the UK's best-selling overseas property magazine – said of Roatan, " … the consistent 20 per cent capital growth is a mouth-watering prospect not found in many other Caribbean destinations, or indeed throughout the rest of the world. And that 20 per cent can be exceeded by a savvy buyer."

While some Americans may be feeling poorer these days, buyers with Euros are seeing opportunity in dollar-dominated markets. That's good news for anybody with a foothold in Roatan.

Discover these Islands for Yourself,
Before the Tourist Hordes Do

These islands are truly resplendent. Beads of land set 35 miles off Honduras’ northern shore, they make up a secret Caribbean paradise that has remained affordable – not because it’s undesirable … but because the masses simply haven’t discovered it yet.

 They’re coming, though … and that’s why it’s so important to grab your foothold now. Because today you can still own a residential lot with a fabulous ocean view for as little as $45,000 or your own private home just 200 yards from the white sand beach for just $180,000.

To put that in perspective: On Providenciales, the most tourist visited of the Turks and Caicos Islands, you’ll pay $1.5 million for a residential beach lot.

There a finished, 4-bedroom home in an upscale neighborhood with water views and a pool rarely lists for less than $1.1 million – and at that price you can figure it needs renovation.

Plus Providenciales – like much of the rest of the Caribbean – is "discovered," and you’re likely to find yourself fighting for elbow space on the beach.

Not so in the Bay Islands.

Roatan’s high green hills, lush with hardwood trees and palms, provide picture-postcard views to the warm, cobalt waters shimmering below. Wide ribbons of white sand cling to the coast in protected coves. Elsewhere, towering rocks jut out into the sea, forming dramatic perches for defiant homes.

Idyllic Islands … and
British Investors are
Seeing the Light

“These idyllic islands, best known for being a diver’s paradise, have been sidelined by British investors until recently. But now they’re seeing the light.” – A Place in the Sun, UK

On Utila, much smaller and flatter, the beaches are just as striking. Perhaps the swaths of sand here appeal so because they tend to take you by surprise. You come on them, for the most part, by boat. As you round a bend in the coast, squinting in the sun and spray, the tat-tat of the engine and the sound of sloshing water below, you discover in front of you these impossibly picturesque scenes … where coconut palms lean left and right along deserted beaches, draping greenery toward talcum-white sand.

Roatan and Utila today call to mind The Bahamas in the early 1970s. Sufficient infrastructure-phone lines, paved roads, regular flights in and out, restaurants, dive shops, grocery stores-makes life here comfortable.

But the beaches remain pristine and not overrun with tourists. Vast tracts of land sit lush with greenery … not a home in sight.

This is the Caribbean’s Last Frontier. But it won’t be so affordable for long.

And that’s why we’re headed back there. I’d like to invite you to join me to head out in search of good-value buys in a friendly, sunny, English-speaking locale just a two-hour, non-stop flight from Miami or Houston.

Nine Reasons Why This is One of the World’s
Top Destinations for Overseas Living and Investment

I’ve been traveling to these islands two – and sometimes three or four – times a year for the past 13 years. And in that time I’ve made many trustworthy contacts – attorneys, real estate agents, bankers, business owners, architects, local expatriates, and more. I’ll introduce you to them so you can be sure you’re getting a reliable, up-to-date, accurate view of the opportunities here.

 As I mentioned earlier, I own property on these islands, myself. I’ve escorted travelers with an eye to owning a bit of land overseas to destinations the world over – from Hong Kong to Nicaragua … South Africa to Belize … and this is where I decided to buy.

These islands sit at the top of my list of the world’s top destinations for overseas living and investment. Here’s why …

  1. The Bay Islands boast long, white beaches and lush, green interiors. This is quintessential Caribbean with crystal-clear turquoise waters and fiery sunsets.
  2. The snorkeling and diving along this hemisphere’s largest barrier reef is among the best in the world, and here you avoid the crowds that regularly invade Cozumel, Grand Cayman, Barbados, and the rest.
  3. The islands are English-speaking, which makes vacationing, living, and doing business here easy.
  4. The retiree legislation allows you to bring in your car and household goods duty free and to receive your Social Security and pension income tax-free.
  5. The new Free Tourist Zone eliminates sales tax and customs import duties. And the capital gains tax is reduced from 10% to 4% – incredible incentives for both land owners and business owners.
  6. The cost of living is affordable. For example, you can hire a live-in maid who will cook and clean for you full-time for less than $10 a day. A doctor’s visit costs $15 or less. You can buy fresh-caught fish for $1.80 a pound, shrimp for less than $4, and lobster for less than $6. Excellent home construction – to standards well over U.S. code – costs $75-$135 per square foot.
  7. Medical care is reliable and professional, with two small hospitals and several clinics serving the islands. Plus, in an emergency, air-evacuation services can whisk you to the mainland in half an hour.
  8. A pro-investment government is committed to encouraging foreign investment.
  9. And best of all: You can own the tropical getaway you’ve always dreamed of for a small fraction of what it would cost you elsewhere in the Caribbean. On St. John in the U.S.V.I., for instance, I just checked the MLS sales history to find that the average home-sale price for 2009 was $987,222. The average condo sale price? $552,750. In the Bay Islands, you can own comparable properties for half that.

Really, that list could be longer. Here’s what I mean …

With Better Infrastructure, Cheaper Air Access,
and More Tourists, Property Prices are Poised to Increase

Over the past seven years, many long-promised infrastructure improvements materialized, vastly upgrading the islands’ services. These days, more and more roads are paved, transforming bumpy rides on sandy trails into easy, pleasurable drives. Telecommunications have improved as the islands have moved to a satellite system, thus avoiding the national utility for internet access and phones.

What’s more, the Tennessee Valley Authority, together with a newly formed power company, rewired Utila’s town with wind turbines to provide efficient, 24-hour electricity.

Creature comforts are in abundance – restaurants (Italian, American, Asian, and more), organic greens, massage therapists, shopping, luxury hotel accommodation, and tourist attractions that range from snorkeling, diving, swimming with dolphins, and deep-sea fishing to a butterfly farm, rainforest canopy tour, and visit to local Garifuna tribes.

Perhaps the best recent news is how much easier and more affordable it is to get to the Bay Islands than it was even three years ago.

The major US Airlines continue to add direct flights to Roatan. Delta now has two direct flights from Atlanta. Continental Airlines has direct flights from Houston and, in the winter, from Newark as well. TACA Airlines flies non-stop flight from Miami. And of course if you’re willing to make a stop on the Honduran mainland, you can grab flights to Roatan any day of the week. If you’re freezing in Canada, charter flights from Toronto to Roatan will have you basking in the sun and frolicking in warm, clear waters in a matter of hours.

Cruise ship traffic is up, which bodes particularly well for local businesses and for property values. Royal Caribbean signed a 30-year agreement to assume the management of the dock used by the cruise ships. They forecast an increase of 10 ships a month to 30 or more. Passenger visits from these ships are expected to grow from 250,000 per year to 850,000 per year.

More Vacationers
Are Coming

"Aside from scuba divers, most Americans are still clueless about this Caribbean outpost about 30 miles off the Central American coast and flanked by its smaller, even more obscure Bay Island neighbors along the southern end of the world's second-longest barrier reef.

"But thanks to non-stop flights from Atlanta, Houston and Newark and a flood of cruise passengers — a projected 730,000 will stop here this year, up nearly 70% from 2009 — the flip-flop capital of the original banana republic is showing up on more vacationers' maps." – USA Today

Those cruise ships – potentially more than 300 per year – really help bring exposure to these islands. Long a secret hideaway for divers in the know, Roatan and Utila are fast becoming a more mainstream tourist destination. People visit. They like what they see. They come back. They invest. And that increase in demand pushes property prices up.

More and more European visitors are discovering the islands, too. A charter from Milan to Roatan brings nearly 300 passengers a week.

I mention all that because it illustrates two important points:

  • One, these islands offer many of the same comforts and first-class amenities the best-known Caribbean enclaves do.
  • And two, more and more people are finding out about this place.

That’s good news for anybody who claims a foothold here soon. Property prices represent a good value today … and they are poised to appreciate handsomely in the years to come.

Bay Islands “Free Tourist Zone” Makes the Caribbean's Best Retirement Destination an Even Better Deal …

What if I told you that your new vacation or retirement property came with a special bonus – no sales tax and, for qualifying residents and businesses, no import duties?

Well it does. And that’s just the start of the good news.

In 2007, the Honduran legislature passed ZOLITUR, a law making the Bay Islands (including Roatan, Utila, and Guanaja) a "Free Tourist Zone." That means the 12 % sales tax disappears for those who meet the ZOLITUR requirements.

Plus the law eliminates all customs and import duties, which means you’ll pay less for imported goods you purchase on the island. And if you’ve qualified your tourism-related business, you’ll bring in all of your supplies duty-free. That equals more profit from your investment.

Also, all real-estate related transactions will be subject to a nominal Capital Gains tax of 4% – a key source of savings for savvy investors.

By reducing and eliminating taxes, the logic goes, the cost of living decreases. And that should help attract more expatriate residents, more tourists, and more investment.

And as more folks come, property prices – if history is any guide – will rise. That's why the time to stake your claim is now.

Pretty, High-Quality Home Overlooking Beach, $224,000

On that subject, let me give you a more concrete sense for the kinds of properties you can expect to see when you travel with us, good-value opportunities like these …

  • Hillside lot with a glorious view just up from West Bay beach, which has been named one of the best beaches in the world. Here underground utilities are in and you can easily walk to swim, snorkel, dive … and grab a great meal out just down the beach. This quarter-acre lot lists for $127,000.
  • At the eco-friendly Palmetto Bay, you can pick up at large shady lot of .68 acres in a community with 24-hour security, a beautiful beach, a dive shop, restaurant, community pool and pier for just $79,000. The underground utilities are in and this property sits next to one of the boardwalks that wind through this development. From here it's a 3-minute walk to the beach through the gardens and bird preserve.
  • A 3-bedroom, 2.5-bath home on .75 acres overlooking the beach in Lost Isles Estates that's built to American standards. It's 1600 square feet of interior living space and another 1000 feet of exterior covered and uncovered decks. All the doors and woodwork was handcrafted from Honduran hardwoods. Internet access is in place as is air conditioning. All for just $224,000. Your own easy condo right at West End, so you're within easy walking of restaurants, beaches, diving, snorkeling. Here you've got an expansive covered deck with great views, 2 bedrooms, 2 baths. This place is still under construction – and you can grab it now for $205,000.
  • If you're looking for a little low-key toe-hold with a sea view, you might like this upper unit at Sundancer, a small development in Sandy Bay. The owner has kept it well-maintained and added extras like a second balcony. Here you benefit from the beach, pool, security, and restaurant. And the price tag? Just $182,000.

You’ll See More, Do More, and Learn More on this Expedition than You Ever Could Going Solo

I assure you: You’ll see, do, and learn more over the course of this week traveling with us than you could gather in six months traveling by yourself.

That’s because we’ll bring the best resources directly to you – real estate agents, developers, attorneys, architects, local expatriates, and more. You’ll meet our best contacts on the ground, and you’ll come away having experienced a truly insider’s take on this place and the many opportunities it offers.

20% Capital Growth … a Mouth-Watering Prospect

" … the consistent 20 per cent capital growth [on Roatan] is a mouth-watering prospect not found in many other Caribbean destinations, or indeed throughout the rest of the world. And that 20 per cent can be exceeded by a savvy buyer." – A Place in the Sun, UK

Particularly now – while the markets at home are volatile, inflation is poised to skyrocket, and the US dollar is weak – these islands make good sense. Beachfront always holds its value – after all, they aren’t making any more of it. And diversifying outside the US makes even more sense now than ever.

In this market, you have as buyers not just Americans. And that’s important. Because while we may be tightening belts here at home, adventuresome investors and traveler from other nations aren’t feeling the same pinch.

It means that you can invest now, sit on your property for a time, watch as it appreciates, and then actually find a buyer when you’re ready to sell … from an international pool.

There is no more efficient way to uncover the best-value deals on offer – whether you’re looking for a place to settle full-time … or part-time … or just looking for a way to diversify your portfolio outside of stocks and outside the U.S.

We’ll Be Based Oceanside on Roatan’s Best Beach

Throughout the program, we’ll be based on Roatan at the lovely Mayan Princess, set on the breath-taking West Bay Beach. On our last trip, a contingent started every day with an early-morning snorkel in the warm blue waters right outside the front door. On several evenings, we’ll enjoy dinner here on the beach. And breakfast is always served under a palapa roof with a view of the glorious blue ocean.

We’ll tour Roatan together to give you the lay of the land, and you’ll have plenty of time to visit the properties that most interest you. Several evenings you’re invited for cocktails at developments, which will give you a chance to wander around some homes and get a feel for what living in these places really might be like.

We’ll fly to Utila for a day, a little island that invites a quiet retreat. Once there, we’ll have time to explore nearly every property for sale – most of them beachfront.

You can expect a high-end trip – excellent meals at some extraordinary local restaurants, first-class accommodations, a sunset sail one evening, and insider guides who know these islands and this market intimately.

 We’re asking $2,495 per person for one of our spots (the single-supplement is $375). But when you register early, you save $100 and pay just $2,395.(And that price includes your round-trip international airfare from Houston to Roatan (there are also direct flights from Atlanta.)

Please understand, while we have left a certain amount of free time in the program for you to set up appointments or to simply relax on the sand, go snorkeling, or head out to explore on your own, this week is about as close to "all-inclusive" as you can get. In other words: Don’t expect much by way of additional expense.

The program includes: your round-trip international airfare from Houston to Roatan, chartered round-trip flights from Roatan to Utila, airport transfers to and from the hotel and for all in-country flights, 7 nights’ luxury hotel accommodation, island familiarization tours, personal tours of real estate, the expertise of distinguished speakers, all breakfasts and dinners, most lunches, and several cocktail receptions, a sailing excursion, professional bilingual guides, and assistance throughout the tour by our own tour coordinator.

We can take only a small group with us on this expedition, and already the spots are filling up. So if you’re interested in exploring this window of opportunity in the Caribbean’s Last Frontier for yourself, please don’t wait to reserve your place. To sign on, call Opportunity Travel now at (800) 926-6575, email info@opportunity-travel.com, or click below.

I look forward to traveling with you.


Barbara Perriello
Director, Opportunity Travel

P.S. One of the best things about this tour is the people you’ll find yourself traveling with. I assure you: Your fellow attendees will be well-traveled, interesting, entrepreneurial … and fun. It’s useful to have a chance in the evenings to compare notes and bounce ideas off one another. It’s always a savvy bunch in attendance. And you’d be surprised at the number of business partnerships and long-standing friendships that have emerged from our tours over the years. Please don’t delay in reserving your place now. There is no more efficient or reliable way to explore the best opportunities on offer here and position yourself smartly in the Caribbean’s Last Frontier. Call Opportunity Travel now at (800) 926-6575, email info@opportunity-travel.com, or click below to save your place.

Your Day-by-Day Honduras Expedition Itinerary
June 12-19, 2010 and August 14-21, 2010

Enjoy seven days on Roatan and Utila -- two jewels of the Caribbean where you'll find crystal-clear waters, white-sand beaches, world-class diving and fishing, an affordable cost of living, and an English-speaking population.
This is one of our favorite destinations for travel, overseas living, investment, and adventure. We promise a relaxing holiday away from the crowds at home...and an insider's introduction to one of this decade's best opportunities.

Day 1 ~ Arrive in Roatan
Arrive in Roatan. Direct flights on Continental and TACA are included from Houston. We can arrange a direct flight from Atlanta on Delta for you if you prefer.) You will be transferred to the Parrot Tree Plantation, a luxury development where we will spend the first 3 nights of our trip., We will get together for cocktails and dinner as a group. D

Day 2 ~ Roatan
Today, after a wonderful breakfast at the coffee shop, we will meet our real estate agents and our attorney in order to get an overview of the properties available on Roatan and Utila and to also learn about the laws of investing in real estate and the residency program in Honduras. Next we will visit properties for sale including Parrott Tree as well as the nearby brand- new golf course development. B, L, D

Day 3 ~ Roatan
After breakfast we will start exploring more of the island … from French Harbor to the east end of Port Royale, weather permitting by boat...Throughout the day -- and each day -- you will be escorted by local real estate agents and our tour staff, so you're sure to gain a strong understanding of the opportunities here. B,L,D

Day 4 ~ Roatan
Today we will head toward the west end of the island and the most beautiful West Bay Beach where we will stay for the rest of our stay. Along the way we will be exploring plenty of opportunities. We will also enjoy lunch and dinner on this spectacular beach. , B, L, D

Day 5 ~ Roatan
After breakfast we will head out by water taxi to explore West End, you will have a some time for shopping and exploring this tourist part of the island before we head out again to see a new development on the North side of the island. B, L, D.

Day 6~ Utila
We'll head this morning to catch our charter flight to Utila. Upon arrival, we'll depart by boat to look at properties. We'll have lunch on the beach, and you'll have some free time to swim or snorkel. Then we'll return to town to explore nearby properties accessible by car. In the late afternoon we will fly back to Roatan where we have a special treat planned. B, L, D

Day 7 ~ Roatan
Breakfast is included at the Mayan Princess. This day is free for you to do as you like. Feel free to relax on the beach or spend the day visiting additional properties or revisiting properties you'd like to investigate further. Lunch today is on your own. Tonight we'll enjoy a wonderful dinner at Arco Iris an Argentine Grill. B, D

Day 8 ~ Return Home
Today you depart for the U.S. But you are more than welcome to extend your stay. Simply ask us about it when you register.

Please note that you will have to pay a departure tax when flying out of Honduras. The current tax is $33 per person cash, but it is subject to change. If you would like to stay longer on the islands, just let us know and we will assist with all of the arrangements.

* Schedule is subject to change.

B: Breakfast Included. L: Lunch Included. D: Dinner Included

Pricing and What's Included

Bay Islands, Honduras Expedition
June 12-19, 2010 and August 14-21, 2010

Price and Payment Policy

Price per person based on double occupancy: $2,495
Single Supplement: $400*

"Sign on early, and save $100. You'll pay just $2,395 per person, based on double-occupancy when you reserve your place early. Call Opportunity Travel now to ask about Early Bird Discount dates."

The price for this island trip includes:

  • Round-trip airfare from Houston to Roatan on TACA or Continental. Direct flights from Atlanta are also available but fares may be slightly higher.
  • Chartered round-trip flight from Roatan to Utila
  • All airport transfers to hotels
  • 7 nights accommodations at a luxury condo hotel
  • Island familiarization tours some by large deluxe van and some by boat.
  • Personal tours of real estate and developments
  • Expertise of distinguished speakers
  • All breakfasts and dinners, most lunches, and several cocktail receptions
  • Professional, bilingual guides
  • Assistance by Opportunity Travel coordinators

*If you are traveling alone and wish to share a room with another participant, we will try to find a roommate for you, although we cannot guarantee a match. The single supplement is due when you register. If a roommate is available, we will issue you a credit.

RESERVATIONS: Full, non-refundable payment is due when you register. We accept VISA, MC, AMEX, money orders, or wire transfers. If you are paying by credit card, it will show up on your bill as being paid to Opportunity Travel. Make money orders payable to Opportunity Travel, 235 NE 4th Ave., Suite 102, Delray Beach, FL 33483.

EXTENSIONS: If you would like to visit mainland cities while in Honduras or spend more time exploring the islands on your own, we can make all the necessary arrangements. A special deal with TACA airlines allows us to offer extensions of up to 20 days. Please let us know your plans when you make your reservations. Call (800) 926-6575 or (561) 243-6276 now for more information about extending your trip.

CANCELLATION POLICY: The Opportunity Travel Life Adventure Expedition to Honduras is completely non-refundable. If you cancel due to medical reasons that are covered by your purchased travel-insurance policy, we will advise the insurance company that your travel and conference fees are non-refundable.

PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT: We strongly suggest you protect your investment by purchasing trip-cancellation insurance, and we would be happy to recommend a policy to you. Please ask us about it.

DISCLAIMER: Nothing in this communication should be considered personalized investment advice. Although our employees may answer your general customer service questions, they are not licensed under securities laws to address your particular investment situation. No communication by our employees to you should be deemed as personalized investment advice. In the interest of full disclosure: Opportunity Travel may receive commissions from any property sales made during this trip.


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