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The World is Full of Opportunities for Profit & Adventure … We'll Show You Where (and How) to Cash in …
You'll find here exclusive expeditions and First Class seminars that give you insider access, personal attention, and VIP treatment. Whether you're looking for a smart place to invest in international real estate … searching for the perfect retirement haven … seeking adventure and healing … or hoping to reinvent yourself (say, take up travel writing and get paid to explore the world)-- we have a program to suit your dreams.

Upcoming Tours & Events


(May 4-17, 2014)

Opportunity Travel’s Director Barbara Perriello recently teamed up with U.S. Global Investors’ CEO and CIO Frank Holmes and Oil and Energy Daily’s Investment Director Karim Rahemtulla to bring you our first-ever conference and tour to Turkey. Together, we have planned two half-day sessions in Turkey’s largest and most breathtaking city – Istanbul – during which you will have the chance to meet with top analysts, economists, and the CEOs of HSBC and other local companies. You will also enjoy visits with three companies that have been handpicked by our team of investment analysts… the opportunity to explore all of the wonder and history of this incredible nation… and much more. We only have a few spots remaining for our Golden Opportunities tour, so I urge you to register today.

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International Living's 9th Annual Ultimate Retire Overseas Event

(June 4-7, 2014)

The “Land of Opportunity” Isn’t a Fixed Place on the Map Anymore

In our increasingly global, interconnected world, the “land of opportunity” is wherever you want it to be. These days, you can live in one place, work in another, invest in a third, bank in a fourth… hold a second passport in a fifth…

Beyond our borders, you can live well on as little as $2,100 a month, save money, make money, and capitalize on pockets of growth and prosperity. This summer, we’ll show you how it’s done…

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(June 7-22, 2014)

This June 7 – 22, Opportunity Travel’s Director Barbara Perriello and Editor of Capital and Crisis and Mayer’s Special Situations Chris Mayer will lead an exclusive tour to Greece and Macedonia to reveal the once-in-a-lifetime investment opportunities arising in these countries. There’s no doubt in our minds that this will be one of the most inspiring, most profitable journeys you ever go on. And of course, you’ll explore these wondrous countries in complete VIP style.

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Fairmont Hotel Vancouver

(July 22-25, 2014)

Join us for the first Vancouver Natural Resource Symposium at the luxurious Fairmont Hotel Vancouver and discover the latest opportunities in natural resources, energy and more from the world's leading industry experts. Headlining this unique event will be Rick Rule - Chairman, Sprott US Holdings, Inc.; Karim Rahemtulla - Director of Options, Wall Street Daily; Byron King - Managing Editor of Outstanding Investments, Energy & Scarcity Investor and Military-Tech Alert; Matt Badiali - Editor of the S&A Resource Report; Kim Iskya - Editor of the S&A Global Contrarian; Frank Curzio, Jr. - Editor of Small Stock Specialist; Frank Holmes, CEO and CIO - US Global Investors, Inc.; plus many more!

There's no doubt… the analysis, information and recommendations presented at this event will be some of the best you hear all year.

For more information, please contact Opportunity Travel today. You can reach us by phone at 800.926.6575 or 561.243.6276, or by email at info@opptravel.com


(October 6-9, 2014 — Westin Hotel)

The Grand Cayman Liberty Forum unites independent and establishment luminaries from Europe and North America to discuss and debate, first, today’s critical global financial issues, and subsequently, alternative global investment opportunities and challenges. 

Mainstream and contrarian thinkers will help a maximum of 120 investors think through their own conclusions and strategies on topics ranging from The Future of Key Political Economiesto Specific Investment to Asset Protection Opportunities. Asset classes of particular focus include currencies, rare and precious metals, resource investments, lifestyle, income, agricultural property, and leading-edge technology opportunities.

In addition, onsite experts in International Law & Reporting Requirements, Property Investment, Physical Asset Acquisition and Storage, Residency and Passports, Offshore Financial Services, Contrarian Investments & Strategies, and other important asset protection services will be available for discussion, consultation, and personal inquiries.

To get on our list for this special event please email info@opptravel.com or call 800-926-6575 or 561-243-6276.

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