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The World is Full of Opportunities for Profit & Adventure … We'll Show You Where (and How) to Cash in …
You'll find here exclusive expeditions and First Class seminars that give you insider access, personal attention, and VIP treatment. Whether you're looking for a smart place to invest in international real estate … searching for the perfect retirement haven … seeking adventure and healing … or hoping to reinvent yourself (say, take up travel writing and get paid to explore the world)-- we have a program to suit your dreams.

Upcoming Tours & Events

Living and Investing in France Mini-Conference: Nice and the Côte d'Azur

Nice, France

(September 16, 2014)

If you've always dreamed of spending more time in France, enjoying a "pied-à-terre" of your own in Paris or Nice or home in the countryside that you can enjoy when you want...or profitably rent when you like...or just make a smart investment by owning property in France...then this mini-conference is a MUST. There is no doubt, from the hundreds of others who have attended conferences of this kind and fulfilled their dreams...this evening in Nice will point you in the right direction to really make it happen!

Click here more information and to register visit Living and Investing in France Mini-Conference.

Make Your Dream Retirement Your Reality

Red Rock Resort, Las Vegas, Nevada

(October 2-4, 2014)

Your own cottage on a quiet beach… an apartment in a vibrant city… mountain villa where the air is crisp…

Whatever you dream about… we’ll pinpoint for you on a map the places you can make it your reality – for a small fraction of what you’d pay at home…

Join International Living at the Fast Track Your Retirement Overseas Conference from October 2-4.

For more details and to register please see our full brochure.


(November 16-20, 2014 —Grand Cayman Marriot Beach Resort)

The Grand Cayman Liberty Forum unites independent and establishment luminaries from Europe and North America to discuss and debate, first, today’s critical global financial issues, and subsequently, alternative global investment opportunities and challenges. 

Mainstream and contrarian thinkers will help a maximum of 120 investors think through their own conclusions and strategies on topics ranging from The Future of Key Political Economiesto Specific Investment to Asset Protection Opportunities. Asset classes of particular focus include currencies, rare and precious metals, resource investments, lifestyle, income, agricultural property, and leading-edge technology opportunities.

In addition, onsite experts in International Law & Reporting Requirements, Property Investment, Physical Asset Acquisition and Storage, Residency and Passports, Offshore Financial Services, Contrarian Investments & Strategies, and other important asset protection services will be available for discussion, consultation, and personal inquiries.

To get on our list for this special event please email info@opptravel.com or call 800-926-6575 or 561-243-6276.

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